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    Maybe Criminal Minds? I think I'd use a number of last names in this case (Gideon, Morgan, Reid) but I like a lot of the first names, too (Emily, Elle, Haley, Jack, Aaron, Spencer). I'm sure if I re-watched all the episodes, I could come up with a long list of one-time character names, too.
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    @lucialucentum - I agree completely about Criminal Minds! It was a high contender for me, too. LOVE Spencer, Jack, Elle (who I would probably nn Ella), Penelope (who I would nn Poppy or Lola!), and, while I don't like JJ's full name, I'm sure I could come up with some fabulous JJ initials (first thought is Julia Josephine), nn JJ! Usually not a fan of AJ/BJ/CJ/DJ/EJ/JJ/KJ/LJ/MJ/NJ/OJ/PJ/RJ/TJ/VJ/ZJ/etc... but the show has made me fall for JJ!

    @jennipea382 - Eureka was a high contender for me, as well! It was such a high contender just so I could claim Zane. But now that I think of it, I love a lot of the names on the show, too--Josephine (don't love it, but I adore the nns Poppy and Posey, and Josephine/Josefina is an elegant, stunning name), Jack, Henry, Grace, and, as religiously as I watch that show, I don't remember an Eva, but I'll have to take your word for it! It's another name I'd love to use.

    I'm obviously enjoying this topic way too much. There's probably another dozen shows I could bring up, bahaha...
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    I'd have to say Bones, because there are new names every week! From suspects, victims, killers, etc. From the main cast though, I like Jack, Camille, Caroline, Max, and maybe Angela. Temperance is kind of pretty, but I would never use it. Some of the other names I like from the series are Genevieve, Tessa (although I like Jessa better), Bennett, & Nora. And then if you look at the actors/actresses names, I like Tamara, Emily (this is dated though, I would use something like Emmeline), Carla, Coby, & Brendan.

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    I would go with "Bones" since we already have Temperance and Zachary on our list.

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    I would pick Angel...I love Cordelia, Wesley, Lilah, Faith, Drusilla, Gavin, Liam, Connor, Daniel, Eve. I also like Justine, Nina, Charles, Kate, and Gwen. Out of Angel, I would honestly consider naming future children Cordelia, Wesley, Eve, Daniel, Gavin, Lilah, or Faith.

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