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    Charlotte Maple - Beautiful, regal, stands alone but works well with sibset. Looks slightly more formal than her sister's name.
    Maple June - My favorite of your short list. I agree that Maple doesn't need to lead to Mae. She can be Mape, or Maple, or even Poppy or Pippa. Maple June is my #1 pick.
    Aria Maple or Auria Maple - I prefer the Auria spelling, & I DO think it works with Mattie Mae. I think the nickname Ria (Rhea) would be a supercute vintage spin. Auri (or Ari) & Mattie is cute, too.
    Hadley Maple - My least favorite of your short list. I really like the possibility of the vintage nickname Haddie but that seems SO close to Mattie. I also think it might be a mouthful to yell "Mattie & Hadley!!"
    Hannah Maple - I'm on the fence. I love Hannah, I love Maple. I love Mattie & Hannah together. I just like Maple June better
    Maple Annabel - I LOVE Maple, I have such a soft spot for this name. Maple Annabel is sweet as long as her initials don't spell MAD

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    Erg - I posted some suggestions while I was at work, but I don't see them!
    My list was:
    That's all I can remember, anyway.
    Jessamine/Jessamyn or Jessamy nn Jessie/Jess would be really cute too
    Maple and Mae are so very similar, and I like Mabel, but I'm not a fan of Maple as a name
    From the names that you have already listed, I think you should go with Charlotte - nn can be Charlie, which is also boyish like Mattie, or Lottie, which is very vintage.
    Annabel - nn Annie would be great too
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    We've now narrowed it down to either Hannah Maple or Aria _. My husband has decided he doesn't like Aria Maple June, he doesn't understand why anyone would need 2 middle names, he also doesn't understand that it's just cute. Of course! So, I feel like Mattie and Hannah are just perfect for each other but I can't shake my love for Aria and I love Maple just as much.

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    Love Mattie and Olive- they go well.

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    What does everyone think of Isla and Mattie? We've decided we don't want another "ie" ending name. Also, the first name can not start with an S if the middle name starts with and M. So many stipulations. It's so hard to find the perfect name.

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