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    Vampire Diaries Name Quiz (5 Children)

    There may be a few spoilers if you aren't caught up on the show.

    DD1: FN
    Favorite female character:
    Elena: Mila or Natalia
    Caroline: Juliet or Isabelle
    Katherine: Anastasia or Victoria
    Bonnie: Lily or Jane
    Rebekah: Sabrina or Madeline
    Other: Pearl or Anna

    DD1: MN
    Favorite male character:
    Damon: Scarlett or Francesca
    Stefan: Phoebe or Celeste
    Jeremy: Bethany or Eliza
    Alaric: Isadora or Athena
    Matt: Rose or Liv
    Other: Nadia or Bree

    DS1: FN
    Favorite ‘Original’:
    Klaus: Hugo or Soren
    Elijah: Samuel or Henry
    Rebekah: Benjamin or Nathaniel
    Kol: Reid or Ace
    Finn: Rowan or Levi
    Esther or Mikael: Casper or Gabriel

    DS1 MN:
    Favorite Villain:
    Katherine: Simon or Victor
    Klaus: Felix or Sebastian
    Esther: Ezra or Samson
    Silas: Augustus or Luca
    Kai: Rhys or Zane
    Other: Noah or Atticus

    DD2 FN:
    Favorite Couple:
    Stefan & Elena: Serena or Vivian
    Damon & Elena: Arabella or Sasha
    Tyler & Caroline: Sophie or Violet
    Klaus & Caroline: Genevieve or Amalia
    Bonnie & Jeremy: Ruby or Chloe
    Other: Jules or Meredith

    DD2 MN:
    Most upsetting death:
    Lexi: Kate or Leah
    Jenna: Charlotte or Tessa
    John: Rachel or Emily
    Alaric: Ophelia or Imogen
    Katherine: Eva or Penelope
    Other: April or Hayley

    DD3 FN:
    Favorite supernatural being featured on the show:
    Vampire: Beatrix or Evangeline
    Witch: Lenore or Sage
    Doppelganger: Gemma or Linnea
    Werewolf: Luna or Blair
    Hybrid: Zara or Seraphina
    Other: Sheila or Amara

    DD3 MN:
    Favorite of the many Mystic Falls dances:
    1950’s decade dance: Margaret or Dorothy
    Miss Mystic Falls: Audrey or Madeleine
    1960’s decade dance: Karen or Theresa
    The Mikaelson’s Ball: Cordelia or Rosalind
    1920’s decade dance: Hazel or Clara
    Prom: Bridget or Eloise

    DS2 FN:
    Most shocking moment:
    Katherine’s surprise return to Mystic falls: Grant or Spencer
    The sun and the moon curse was fake: Leo or Maxwell
    Alaric’s alter-ego is behind the murders: Dean or Owen
    Elena becomes a vampire: Emmett or Tucker
    Elena force-feeds Katherine the cure: Peter or Simon
    Other: Harper or Frederick

    DS2 MN:
    Favorite season:
    Season 1: Wyatt or Monroe
    Season 2: Arthur or Elias
    Season 3: Alexander or Theodore
    Season 4: Cruz or Roman
    Season 5: Jack or Adam
    Season 6: Lachlan or Kieran

    Nina | Juliet | Katerina | Phoebe | Caroline | Vivian | Isobel | Blair | Scarlett | Rose | Elena | Clara | Beatrix | Eliza

    Holden | Graham | Theodore | Jack | Alexander | Lachlan | Everett | Declan | Henry | Oliver | Ronan | Rhys | Miles/Milo | Maxwell

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    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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    Helena Ruby│Rose Adeline│Emmeline Idina│Penelope Freya│Violet IsabelAubrey Elisabeth

    Gabriel Ronan│Sebastian Henry│Tristan Everett│Elijah William│Samuel Avery│

    'There are bridges you cross you didn't know you've crossed until you've crossed' - Glinda Upland

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    Name obsessed teenberry

    Girl names: Arya, Alexandra, Annabelle, Piper, Nova, Clover, Luna, Penny, Primrose and more
    Boy names: Nico, Percy, Robin, Jason, Jeremy, Flynn, Brandon, Lucas, Alec, Finley and more
    Guilty pleasure: Eowyn and Hiccup

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