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    For a double barrel I think Zoe-Anna is better. It's quite cute. For a first and middle Zoe Grace would e nice.
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    Zoe-Anna is hard to say, unless you musmh it together like a Pollyanna. So I think Zoe-Grace sounds better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    I like Zoe-Anna a lot! Zoe-Grace seems like it would have less complications, but I like the spunky Zoe-Anna so much!

    Good luck!
    This. In spite of the (pertinent) Pollyanna points, I just really think Zoe-Anna is unexpected and upbeat. Same name meaning either way.
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    I prefer Zoe-Grace. It just sounds better to me! Not sure what is it about Zoe-Anna that isn't clicking for me.

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