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Thread: Your Family!!

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    Alastriona Sasa, 21 years
    Raphael Noah, 25 years
    They meet at a New Years Eve party

    Matteo Paxton, blonde hair with blue eyes
    Athena Harlow & Aurora Harper, brunette with green eyes
    Quentin Elijah & Callista Mei, blonde hair with green eyes

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    Your name is: Jasmine Krishna
    You are 21 years old
    Your husbands name is: Levi Jude
    Levi is 22 years old
    You met at a hotel. He was the bellhop, and he dropped all my suitcases
    You get pregnant 4 times

    You get pregnant with your first child a year after you get married.
    You have a girl and name her Arianna Juliette.
    She has brown hair and brown eyes.

    When Arianna is three years old, you get pregnant for the second time. It's twins!!!
    A boy named Theo Ray and a girl named Violet Briella.
    They both have black hair and brown eyes.

    When Arianna is five and your twins are two, you are pregnant again. But you have a miscarriage.

    When Arianna is eight and your twins are five, you are pregnant again.
    You have a boy and name him August Vincent.
    He has red hair and brown eyes.

    Three years go by, Arianna is 14, Theo and Violet are 11, and August is 6. You decide to get a pet. You get a dog and name her Stella.

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    ME: Ella Grace
    age: 23

    DH: Raymond 'Ray' Frederick
    age: 21

    we met: At a resturaunt. I was a waitress, and we flirted while I took his order. He kept coming back, and I was always his waitress, so while giving him the bill I also gave him my phone number.

    i get pregnant 5 times!!

    1. a girl!
    DD1: Aurora 'Rorie' Savannah
    looks: black hair, brown eyes

    DD2: Lila Charlotte
    DD3: Quinn Paisley
    looks: brown hair, green eyes

    DS1: Owen Luke
    DS2: Jack Colin
    looks: black hair, green eyes

    DS3: Emmett Frederick
    looks: red hair, brown eyes

    AD4: Maisie Scout
    looks: red hair, green eyes

    "Rorie, Lila, Quinn, Owen, Jack, Emmett and Maisie"

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    Your name is: Sasha Alessandra
    You are 19 years old

    DH's name is: Calvin Victor
    DH is 21 years old.

    You meet DH at a resturaunt. I was a waitress, and we flirted while I took his order. He kept coming back, and I was always his waitress, so while giving him the bill I also gave him my phone number.

    How many times do you get pregnant? 3 times

    Aurora Evangeline
    What does your baby look like? Blonde hair, blue eyes

    Nico Beck/Theo Mick
    What do your babies look like? Blonde hair, blue eyes

    Levi Reed/Calla Rosalind
    What does your babies look like? Blonde hair, green eyes

    Three years go by (oldest child is 14, twins are 11, Pregnancy#3 children are 9) and you decide to get a pet
    What type of dog is it? Siberian Huskey
    What is it's name? Roman

    Sasha & Cal,
    Rori, Nick, Theo, Levi & Callie

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    Mila Clementine Waters, 23 years old meets Jonah Caleb Harris, 24 years old on a plane. Jonah was sitting next to Mila, and they started talking. They kept laughing, then the passengers beside them started shushing them, which only made them laugh harder. They begin to date and its not long before they are married and about a year later, expecting their first child. Bennett Reid Harris is born, with beautiful curly brown hair and brown eyes. When Bennett is 3, Mila discovers she is expecting again, this time twins! Theo Beck and Gus Charlie are born. The babies are fraternal. Theo has thick black hair and brown eyes, while Gus has straight brown hair and stunning green eyes. Bennett turns 5 and the twins turn 2 before Mila gets pregnant again. Her and Jonah are shocked to learn that another set of twin boys are on the way! Finn Oliver and Calvin Ezra are the new additions to the family. Finn and Cal are identical, unlike their older twin brothers, and have blue eyes and blonde hair. When Bennett is 8, Theo and Gus are 5, and Finn and Cal are 3, Mila gets pregnant for a fourth and final time. After 5 boys, Mila and Jonah are thrilled to welcome a beautiful brown haired, green eyed girl who they name Matilda Belle, or Tillie for short. A few years pass, and when Bennett is 14, Theo and Gus are 11, Finn and Cal are 9, and Tillie is 6, the family decides to adopt a lovely mixed breed dog from a shelter named Daisy. Finally the family is complete.

    Mila & Jonah, Bennett, Theo, Gus, Finn, Cal and Tillie. And Daisy the dog.

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