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    DH: {35} Theodore Eugene McCallister "Theo"
    DW: {35} Cecily Grace {Spellman} McCallister

    DS: {10} Colt Theodore McCallister {brown hair, blue eyes}
    DD/DD: {7} Hazel Penelope McCallister / Eliza Genevieve McCallister {brown hair, green eyes}
    DS/DS: {5} Nathaniel Isaiah McCallister / Lucas Quentin McCallister {Nate: blond hair, green eyes & Luke: red hair, blue eyes}
    DD: {2} Violet Josephine McCallister {red hair, brown eyes}
    ADS: {nb} Shane Wyatt McCallister {black hair, brown eyes}

    Cecily meet Theo, in line at Starbucks. He asked me what I was getting, and turns out we were ordering the same thing. We got talking, and then exchanged phone numbers.

    How many times do you get pregnant?: 5 times

    Theo & Cecily McCallister
    - Colt, Hazel, Eliza, Nate, Luke, Violet, & Shane McCallister
    “I am the one thing in life, I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original."

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