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    I like Romola for you. She's more down to earth which fits with your boys names. I picture Romola in the woods with Lysander and Percival, but all the other girls on your list I only see in Ballrooms in the city, and I don't personally care for such a distinct difference between the boys and the girls in a sibset. And I have to admit that of all the Telegraph-y names, the ones on your list are repeat offenders on my 'I just don't see the charm' list. Delphina is Lovely, my favourite, but I see her so seldom so it's not surprising... Araminta, Arabella and Clementine are all extremely popular in their 'crowd', so this makes me less charmed by them...

    I mentioned Romola, but I also like AlastrĂ­ona, Andromeda, Annevieve, Briseis, Calendula, Chrysanthe, Clairmonde, Clemency, Cressida, Coppelia, Dainora, Doveva, Eirene, Eglantine, Elettra, Eponine, Euphemia, Fidelia, Fioralba, Godiva, Gweneira, Hannelore, Honorine, Isabeau, Isannah, Jocosa, Julissa, Junia, Kerensa, Leontine, Lileas, Lorenza, Lumina, Madelief, Marcella, Mazarine, Nicandra, Noella, Opaline, Ottavia, Ovidia, Peony, Phaedra, Phillida, Pomona, Quitterie, Rosalind, Roswitha, Sabina, Silvestra, Sonora, Taddea, Theodosia, Thessaly, Timothea, Undine, Viatrix, Violeta, Willamina, Winsome, Xanthia, Ysabel, Zenovia, Zephyrine and Zosime.

    Of all the names on your list, Delphina Hero would be my choice, nn Fifi ^^

    Io + Hilda + Pixie + Virgo + Hera + Nephele + Austeja + Marjolaine + Valencia + Fiorella
    Aloysius + Tamlane + Elouan + Columba + Sulien + Artemas + Ischa + Coda + Finch + Jove


    Marjorie Hawthorn + Severine Starling + Oriana Forest + Raphaela Nettle + Ferelith Morning + Bryony Austeja + Eluned Verbena

    Orlando Larkspur + Johannes Ocean + Peregrine Amias + Alasdair Eden + Ishmael Sequoia + Arbour Tamlane + Hadrian Columba

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    Thank you for the lovely, wide-ranging suggestions! Dephina Hero has a strong, beautiful feel to it, I will certainly consider it. Winsome is also a name that has definite appeal. Romola is sturdy, yet attractive...might be hard for me to find middles for it though! Thank you.

    ETA; Currently, my favorites in this order; Clementine, Delphine, Phoebe, Araminta, Arabella. I think first three are feminine, elegant, but not frilly, whereas Arminta and Arabella are definitely frilly. What do you berries think?
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    Update; I've found out that the mother of a former classmate is a Delphine. Her daughter (my classmate) is named Genevieve, nicknamed Veva. They're French, and the mother is a rather prim, elegant woman.

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    I'm a big fan of Phoebe Wren or Delphina Jane! I would use either of those 2 on my own daughter!

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    Arabella: Love this sooooooo much
    Araminta: This would be a great name for toothpaste not a child. Thoungh Minty is a my little pony
    Phoebe: Love this name heaps
    Clementine: Gorgeous
    Delphina: I hate this name almost as much as Araminta

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