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    Ft. Myers
    My name is Daisy Pearl Foster.
    My husband is Timothy William Foster.

    1st pregnancy: twin boys
    Parker Lennon Foster
    Peyton Miles Foster

    2nd pregnancy: boy
    Sebastian Felix Foster

    3rd pregnancy: boy
    Thomas William Foster

    4th pregnancy: girl
    Lucy Ireland Foster

    5th pregnancy: boy
    Stellen Oliver Foster

    6th pregnancy: girl
    Violet Pearl Foster

    7th pregnancy: girl
    Melody Faith Foster

    8th pregnancy: girl
    Zoe Grace Foster

    Daisy and Timothy Foster
    Parker, Peyton, Sebastian, Thomas, Lucy, Stellen, Violet, Melody, and Zoe Foster.

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    DW: Margaret Mae
    DH: Will Harry

    How many times do you fall pregnant? (WON'T be the same as number of children, roll the dice)
    6 - 5

    DS: Dylan Miles
    DS: Archer Cyrus
    DD: Charlotte Sophia
    DS: Jack Kingston
    DS: Cruz Wyatt

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    Name obsessed. Simple as that.

    Favorite combos for girls RIGHT NOW

    Senna Margareta
    Phoebe Cecilia
    Nina Elisabeth
    Charlotte Mary
    Lykke Amalia

    Favorite combos for boys RIGHT NOW

    James Henry
    Oliver August
    William Lars
    Axel Teodor
    Lucas Roland

    Guilty Pleasures
    Hermione Agnes. Novak James. Persephone Grace. Maximus Fredrik.

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    What's your name? Marguerite Pearl

    What's DH's name? Nicholas Alasdair

    How many times do you fall pregnant? 7

    Carry on for the correct number of pregnancies:

    1st Pregnancy (roll the dice): Girl, Avery Pearl

    2nd Pregnancy (roll the dice): Girl, Louise Aurelia

    3rd Pregnancy (roll the dice): Boy, Adrian Henry

    4th Pregnancy (roll the dice): Girl, Edith Avalon

    5th Pregnancy (roll the dice): Girl, Alice Josephine

    6th Pregnancy (roll the dice): Boy, Ash Flynn

    7th Pregnancy (roll the dice): Girl, Sybil Aviana
    ************************************************** *************

    DH & DW: Nicholas & Marguerite

    Avery Pearl, Age 14 "Avery"

    Louise Aurelia, Age 13 "Louise"

    Adrian Henry, Age 12 "Adrian"

    Edith Avalon, Age 10 "Edith"

    Alice Josephine, Age 8 "Alice"

    Ash Flynn, Age 4 "Flynn"

    Sybil Aviana, Age 2 "Sybil"

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    LN: Sawyer

    DW: Helen Louise
    DH: Xavier Nicholas

    DD: Bailey Pearl (17)
    DD: Danielle Viviana *Dani* (14)
    DS: Jasper Augustus (12)
    DS/DD: Jesse Aragon and Emma Albany (11)
    DD: Juliet Florence (9)
    DS: Sterling Poe (7)
    DS: Theo Moroccan (2)
    DD/DD: Miranda Ruth *Andi*and Britney Irene *Brit* (10 months)

    The Sawyer's

    Helen and Xavier
    Bailey, Dani, Jasper, Jesse and Emma, Juliet, Sterling, Theo, Andi, and Brit
    Mommy to the double trouble twins: Taylor Lia and Madison Ava

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