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    Mar 2011

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    DW: Imogen Mae Taylor
    DH: Edward Henry Taylor

    Pregnant 7 times

    1st baby: Girl- Kennedy Presley

    2nd baby: Girl- Harriet Fabia

    3rd baby: Boy- Richard Jasper

    4th baby: Girl/Boy- Rebecca Lourdes and Cody Dublin

    5th baby: Boy- Lucien Brady

    6th baby: Girl- Ebony Rose

    7th baby: Girl/Boy- Willow Grace and Harvey Walker

    Kennedy- Kenny (11)
    Harriet- Harri (9)
    Richard- Richie (7)
    Rebecca- Becca (5)
    Cody- Cod (5)
    Lucien- Luc (3)
    Ebony- Bonny (1)
    Willow- Low (nb)
    Harvey- Harv (nb)

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    What's your name? Alice Pearl
    What's DH's name? Jack Harry
    How many times do you fall pregnant? 6

    Carry on for the correct number of pregnancies:

    1st Pregnancy (roll the dice): Alex Fabian & Flynn Lennon

    2nd Pregnancy (roll the dice): Theodora Aurelia

    3rd Pregnancy (roll the dice): Alice Matilda

    4th Pregnancy (roll the dice): Molly Abilene

    5th Pregnancy (roll the dice): Cordelia Josephine

    6th Pregnancy (roll the dice): Gray Poe

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    What's your name?
    1 or 2 - first & middle from
    Daisy Pearl

    What's DH's name?
    1 or 2 -
    Zander Nicholas

    How many times do you fall pregnant?
    5 - 3 times

    Carry on for the correct number of pregnancies:

    1st Pregnancy:
    3, 4 = boy
    First name(s) from
    Middle name (s) from
    River Gillespie

    2nd Pregnancy:
    2, 3, 5 = girl
    Girl first names:
    Girl middle names:
    Philippa Juno

    3rd Pregnancy:
    2, 4, 5 = girl
    Girl first & middle names:
    Charlotte Eleanor

    Now list your family, their ages, and any other details you like!

    River Gillespie - (11)
    Philippa Juno - (5)
    Charlotte Eleanor - (1)

    "River, Pippa and Lottie"

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    My name: Dahlia Pearl

    H's name: Henry Elliot

    How many times do you fall pregnant?6

    1st: Boy/Boy twins: Flynn Harrison and Gray Jackson

    2nd: Boy: Jude Maximus

    3rd: Girl: Alice Victoria

    4th: Girl: Rose Holland

    5th: Girl: Eliza Josephine

    6th: Girl: Violet True
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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