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Thread: Elliott

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    As Elliott is one of my long term favorite boy names, I'm not a fan of using it on a girl. Sorry.
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    I agree with @miloowen and Lucy! Elliot is just a very, very handsome boys' name to me, and it's been a favorite of mine for years. I can't for the life of me see the appeal of it on a girl, sorry! The -et/-ett/-ette/-ot/-ott/-otte endings are popular on boys (Elliot, Bennett, Beckett, Emmett, Everett, Abbott, Truett, Lovett for boys--some aren't popular, but others are) AND girls (Charlotte, Violet, Scarlett, Juliet, Lisette, Joliet, Adalet, Ayelet, etc.), but Elliot doesn't sound remotely feminine to me at all. Sorry. And I agree with the others--Elliot is the only name remotely unisex on your girls' list, so I would think that Elliot wouldn't fit in at all. Sorry again.

    Usually I love your name choices, haha, but lately I've just not been a fan! I love like, every single other name on your list, though, bahaha!
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    I agree with the three people above me about Elliott being a wonderful boys name. I think it's so sad to see very traditional male names go to girls. My name is a traditional Spanish male name and I would rather have a more traditional girl name. I just love Elliott on a boy...I'm sorry.

    I also typically really like your name choices and I love most of them in your list, but Elliott is just not the same type of name as the others on your list.
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    I agree with the four posters above me. Elliott is a boy's name.

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    I can't wrap my head around this one either. Elliott is quite masculine to me and not a girl's name.
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