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    I'm going to do this pretending that I don't have to work around my sons' names, my husband's objections or my last name.

    1. Blythe Maree (I know, the -ee is super trendy, but my 94 year old grandmother is Maree, so I have to.)
    2. Iris Josephine
    3. Meredith Kate
    4. Penelope Mira
    5. Eulalie June
    6. Eliza Jewel

    1. Evan Joseph
    2. Anders Conrad

    Edited to add that the middle names were hard! I've only ever considered a few because I knew I wasn't going to have 8 kids.

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    Favourite girls: Amadea, Antonia, Cecily, Clara, Eleanor, Georgia, Margaret, Matilda, Pandora, Susannah
    Favourite boys: Archer, August, Gabriel, Harley, Joseph, Nathaniel, Phelan, Phineas, Rowan, Theodore

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    Ah, too many names! I don't know if I have that many...

    D1 -- Helena Caroline
    D2 -- Seneca Catherine
    D3 -- Reeve Sinclair
    D4 -- Ariana Elaine
    D5/D6 -- Alden Tyler & Arlen Bridget
    S1/S2 -- Grant Adrian & Dean Alexander

    Yep, too many kids. Don't have enough names for that. Flipped would be easier.

    S1 -- Dean Alexander
    S2 -- Grant Reeve
    S3 -- Conrad James
    S4 -- Vaughn Sinclair
    S5/S6 -- Clark Grey & Adrian Elijah
    D1/D2 -- Alden Helena & Arlen Seneca
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    DD1: Sidra Chanele
    DD2: Natasha Elizabeth
    DD3: Victoria Eileen
    DD4: Aberley Alexandra
    DD5 and DD6: Helena Nichelle and Lenora Grace
    DS1 and DS2: Kaden Nicholas and Kirkland Vance

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