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    Thoughts on my names?

    I feel like Luca or "luke" is set in stone if it's a boy, we love it

    I have a short list for girl names but the one I am stuck on is NICOLE which a few people have said sounds DATED and I know it kind of is but I still love it...what is your opinions

    We also like Vivien

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    Nicole is a little dated, but it could still work well. I've known young kids with more dated names than that, tbh.
    Vivien is also good, but I feel like Vivian would be an easier spelling for everyone.
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    Nicole might be dated but that doesn't make it a bad choice; there are worse things a name can be. It's still a very pretty name and if you like it you should use it.

    I think Vivian is an easier spelling as well.

    Vivian and Nicole would sound good together, like Nicole Vivian or Vivian Nicole.
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    I personally prefer Vivien over Nicole (I actually love the Vivien spelling best), but neither is a bad choice.

    If Nicole is the one you prefer, that's the one you should pick. Nothing awkward or teasable about it, and it's a perfectly respectable, wearable name.
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    I think Nicole could be a cool name, especially once she hits her late teens/early twenties. I know a couple of Nicoles who are ~20 and it doesn't sound dated on them.

    Vivien is also very pretty.

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