Your Favourite Vintage Names ?
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    Your Favourite Vintage Names ?

    What are your favourite vintage names and combinations - for a boy and a girl ?

    My current personnal favourite names are Rose and Henry, and my favourite combinations are Edith Florence and Joseph Theodore.
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    This is really tricky, I'm a sucker for vintage flavoured names!

    For a boy it is probably Ignatius Bellamy. For a girl it is Esther Odelia.
    Mary, Esther, Susanna, Nora, Camellia, Francesca, Dominica, Tilly, Bellamy, Gardenia, Pearl, Evangeline, Ida, Mabel, Yuki, Rose, Josephine, Arabella, Magnolia, Mirabelle, Theodora, Louisa, Raphaela.

    Amias, Moses, Bellamy, Albert, Callahan, Quincy, Arthur, Bertie, Pello, Raphael, Frederick, Abraham, Gus, Charles, Sullivan, Patterson, Frank, George, Ezekiel.

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    Hmm...Right now, I'd say Rosemary, Benedict, Mary (more of a classic, I suppose), Ada, Catherine (this maybe counts?), Walter, and Frederick.

    Married since 06/2015...TTC 2016...hoping for a 2017 Miracle!
    List under construction, as always

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    ♥Mckinley Mayfair, Christian Wayne & Sir Angus Fionn♥

    Favorites June 2016
    Elizabeth, Adelaide, Juniper, Amelia, Arabella, Beatrice, Clara, Charlotte, Cordelia, Hermione
    the rest of the girls

    William, Jasper, Edgar, Gilbert, Morgan, Henry, Sebastian, Arthur, Monroe, Basil
    the rest of the boys

    Lyra Primrose, Amelia Hyacinth, Emmeline Bronte/ Magnus Frey, Julian Mackenzie, Sebastian Lake
    the rest of my combos

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    I (and probably many others) really love vintage names!
    My favourite individual names: Marigold (middles aren't so vintage) & Horatio
    Vintage Combos: Georgiana Sybil Eve/Sybil Henrietta Ivy and Horatio Arthur Darcy/Edmund Julian Francis.
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