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    Cair Paravel :)

    Crush of the day

    I thought this might be a fun thread. A lot of us have revolving favorites and can't seem to pick a single favorite consistently, anyway. What one name are you crushing on today?

    I'll start. I am massively crushing on the Hawaiian/Armenian girls' name Ani right now. I think it's just so spunky and unusual and cool!

    Anyhow. What's yours?
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    Nadia. I think it looks pretty and I love the meaning of hope.

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    east of the sun, west of the moon
    @Ash, I love Ani Ani DiFranco was the voice of my teen years, and it's one of the big appeals of having an Annika.

    My crush today is Liesl.
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    This is a great idea, @Ashley.
    It seems I'm not the only person whose favorites change all the time!
    Right now, it's Leona for girls (lay-OH-na is how I like it best) and Shepherd for boys.

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    I've really been crushing on Murphy for the last couple of days. Reminds me of Boondock Saints.

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