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    Wow that had to be a task naming all those girls!

    (10)DD 1- Kalila Peace
    (9)DD 2- Aira Lucille
    (7)DD 3- Snow Daisy-Catherine
    (4 1/2)DD 4- Promise Rue
    (3)DD 5 & 6: Prairie Abigail & Minha Sunshine "Minnie"
    (10 days old)DS 1 & 2: Hart Nathaniel & Madison Blaine
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    Girlies:Aella Dorothy {Poem}.Judah Biet {Catherine}.Owen Tallulah {Mary}
    Guys:Sebastien Quade "Sacha".Eden Trust.Amias Sage "Mia"(My-uh)
    Pondering: Lemon

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    Not using my own children....
    Louisa Elinor
    Cecily Jane
    Helen Branwen
    Martha Angharad
    Margaret Alys and Elspeth Clare
    George Thomas and Giles Edmund

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    Wow, what a blessing having those little boys in a sea of pink must have been!!

    So, here's what I would name those munchkins!

    Caroline Maria -11
    Diana Isabelle -9
    Camilla Alice -7
    Teresa Brooke -5
    Allegra Gabrielle and Audrey Anna -3
    James Stephen and Nicholas Scott -4 months

    Caroline, Diana, Milla, Tessie, Allegra, Audrey, James, and Nicky!<3
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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    Ok I've finally decided!:

    DD1 - Claudie
    DD2 - Penelope
    DD3 - Ivy
    DD4 - Phoebe
    DD5 & DD6 - Aria & Tabitha
    DS1 & DS2 - Emrys & Otto

    The couple seemed lovely and the baby boys were gorgeous and a very good size for 10 day old twins! The mum seemed very tired though poor thing! And dad looked incredibly proud of his boys after all those girls lol.

    Great lists guys - keep them coming!
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    Claudie _____ Evelyn, Otto William, Lilac, Quentin, Angelica, Emrys, Mirabelle, Xavier, Phoebe, Harlan, Tabitha Barnaby, Ivy, Lennox

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