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    Wow that had to be a task naming all those girls!

    (10)DD 1- Kalila Peace
    (9)DD 2- Aira Lucille
    (7)DD 3- Snow Daisy-Catherine
    (4 1/2)DD 4- Promise Rue
    (3)DD 5 & 6: Prairie Abigail & Minha Sunshine "Minnie"
    (10 days old)DS 1 & 2: Hart Nathaniel & Madison Blaine
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    Dayton.19.*Hopeful* Future Mom
    Naming future twinkles...
    Girlies:Aella Dorothy {Poem}.Judah Biet {Catherine}.Owen Tallulah {Mary}
    Guys:Sebastien Quade "Sacha".Eden Trust.Amias Sage "Mia"(My-uh)
    Pondering: Lemon

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    Not using my own children....
    Louisa Elinor
    Cecily Jane
    Helen Branwen
    Martha Angharad
    Margaret Alys and Elspeth Clare
    George Thomas and Giles Edmund

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    Wow, what a blessing having those little boys in a sea of pink must have been!!

    So, here's what I would name those munchkins!

    Caroline Maria -11
    Diana Isabelle -9
    Camilla Alice -7
    Teresa Brooke -5
    Allegra Gabrielle and Audrey Anna -3
    James Stephen and Nicholas Scott -4 months

    Caroline, Diana, Milla, Tessie, Allegra, Audrey, James, and Nicky!<3
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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    28 year old name addict, dreaming of a future:

    Claudie, Quentin, Lilac, Otto, Mirabelle, Emrys, Thea, Xavier, Angelica, Harlan, Phoebe, Byron, Tabitha, Lennox

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