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Thread: My Class' Names

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    My Class' Names

    Hi all! I'm a junior (11th grader) in high school, and I always find it really interesting to read lists of names from classes and try to find trends and things like that, so I thought I'd post my class here. I was really tedious with the nicknames so people could see which names are usually shortened, which aren't, etc. and I tried to add all the middle name I knew or could find out. So here ya go!

    Adrienne Danielle
    Alison Marie
    Amanda Rose
    Anastasia Sarah (nn Ana)
    Annie Laura
    Ara Alexandra
    Audrey Ellen
    Ava Reece
    Blayre Caswell
    Brandy Ashland
    Bria Marilyn
    Bria Tiffany
    Britany Marie
    Britney Gabrielle
    Caroline Marie
    Caroline Yukiko
    Cerrice Renell
    Chase Madison
    Destini Ariel
    Diana Ali
    Emily Liu
    Emma Melancon
    Gabrielle Ann (nn Gabby)
    Grace Ann
    Grace Marie
    G’Neque Jakel
    Helen Adele (nn Ellie)
    Iaian Elle-Grayson
    Jaclyn Judea-Trina (nn Jackie)
    Jacqueline Bell (nn Jackie)
    Jade Jauna
    Jeanne Thuy
    Jennifer (no middle name)
    Jenny Olivia
    Jessica Barnes
    Jonika Marie
    Julia Jessica
    Junru (no middle name)
    Kaitlynn Theresa (nn Kaiti)
    Kamaria Dyan (nn Kam)
    Katarina Ascia
    Katherine Ali
    Kathryn Grace
    KayCei Pamela-Katelyn
    Kayla Igina
    Keirsten Marie
    Kelsey Rose-Ann
    Kim-My (no middle name)
    Kinga Janina
    Kristen Cecilia
    Kristy Angela
    Layne Salloum
    Lena Dung
    Leslie Anne-Richmond
    Lisa Oanh
    Lynn Hong
    Macy Anne
    Madeleine Marie
    Mariam Mahmood
    Marisa Elizabeth
    Mary Ngoc-Tran
    Meghan Elizabeth
    My-Hanh Thi (nn Amy)
    My-Hanh Thuy
    My-Huyen Mindy (nn Mindy)
    Nosagie Treja (nn Nosie)
    Oanh Quyenh (nn Maria)
    Olivia Georgiana
    Paris Baker
    Quanita Diana
    Rachel Elisabeth
    Rachel Sara
    Reina Nicole
    Robin Crystal
    Ruqiao Alice (nn Alice)
    Salihah Lashae
    Samantha (no middle name)
    Samiyyah Ayesha
    Sarah Katherine
    Simone Dominique
    Sophia Elle (nn Sophie)
    Sophie Grace
    Sophie Monrose
    Stephanie Tuyet-Nhi
    Sydney Denise
    Sylvia My-Uyen
    Tabrielle Janique
    Taylor Dominique
    Troi Marie
    Tyler Synclare
    Virginia Claire (nn Claire)
    Zoe Phuong-Anh

    Aarian Masood
    Alexander-Huy Ngoc (nn Alex or Huy)
    Alexander Lamont (nn Alex)
    Allen Du
    Andrew Zachary
    Andy Huy
    Ansis Kristaps
    Anthony-Hoan Cong (nn Anthony)
    Arman Zackary
    Armand Joseph
    Avery Joseph
    Benjamin Lockman (nn Ben)
    Brett Weber
    Brian David
    Bryan Scott (me!)
    Cole William
    Cuong Anthony (nn Anthony)
    Dancheng (no middle name)
    David Phuc
    David Zhang
    Douglas Bing
    Eli Alexander
    Gabriel (nn Gabe)
    George William
    Grant David
    Hoang Michael (nn Michael)
    Ian Kerwin
    James Lyle (nn Jack)
    Jesse Coyote
    Kevin Shu-Hong
    Khai Che
    Khoa Dang
    Kincaid Austin
    Levon Aldon
    Mario Andre
    Matthew Fabian (nn Matt)
    Matthew Richard (nn Matt)
    Michael David
    Nam Peter
    Patrick (no middle name)
    Read Courington
    Reginald Jobrohn (nn Reggie)
    Remy Diengott
    Ryan David
    Sameer (no middle name)
    Samuel Jacques-Sean (nn Sam)
    Samuel Joseph (nn Sam)
    Travis Anthony
    Vu Si
    Walker Bernhardt
    William Jackson (nn Will)
    William Parr (nn Will)
    Wyatt Devon
    Zachary Stephen (nn Zack)
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    My Favorite Names~

    Girls: Astrid, Athena, Coraima, Courtenay, Darcy, Kassia, Kimarie, Lindsay, Maryelle, Misty, Promise, Saba, Shaylene, Sky, Thalia, Tifany, Zooey

    Boys: Alexander, Bjorn, Blair, Dade, Erik, Fable, Garrett, Harvey, Indigo, Isaac, Kasey, Mark, Sage, Shane, Shea, Shepherd, Slade, Thatcher, Zane

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    That's a very interesting list. I like the idea of using "Ellie" as a nickname for Helen, and I've always liked the idea of Mario for a boy, even though I'm not Italian. Matthew and William have always been popular names in my classes too, definitely a sign of the times. I've noticed that I have a lot of Rachel's in my class. I came across an Ophelia the other day that made me happy inside, along with 2 Keegan's (both male and female.) I wish I could get ahold of my class list. The school program I am doing is cyber, and so I only get to see a handful of all the students at a time, not all of them.

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