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    What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet.
    -William Shakespeare-

    || Luna Hatidza || Ibrahim Asa ||

    ♥ Luna & Ibro ♥

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    Grandma: [55] Frances Wren Loveless
    Her quads are Cassia, Terra, Luna, & Gemma.

    Q1: [35] Cassia Mae Fitzwilliam {nee Loveless}
    H: [37] Aaron Sawyer Fitzwilliam

    B: [6] Rory Daniel Fitzwilliam
    B: [6] Flynn Calvin Fitzwilliam
    B: [6] Callum Oliver Fitzwilliam

    Cassia & Aaron with their triplet boys, Rory, Flynn, & Callum.

    Q2: [35] Terra Penelope Rex {nee Loveless}
    H: [36] James Porter Rex

    G: [11] Flora Sophie Rex
    G: [9] Phoebe Olive Rex
    G: [5] Augusta Violet Rex "Auggie"
    G: [3] Daphne Rose Rex

    Terra & James with their four girls Flora, Phoebe, Auggie, & Daphne.

    Q3: [35] Luna Dahlia Ryan {nee Loveless}
    H: [40] Milo Pierce Ryan

    B: [13] Leo Maxwell Ryan
    B: [12] Miles Adrian Ryan
    B: [10] Jasper Sebastian Ryan
    B: [9] Lucian Asher Ryan
    G: [9] Lena Cecily Ryan
    B: [7] Mason Silas Ryan
    G: [4] Ruby Juliet Ryan
    G: [4] Sylvie Annabel Ryan

    Luna & Milo with their 8 kids Leo, Miles, Jasper, Lucian, Lena, Mason, Ruby, & Sylvie.

    Q4: [35] Gemma Aurelle Wolf {nee Loveless}
    H: [35] Caspian Jude Wolf

    B: [10] Archer Tilden Wolf
    G: [8] Zelda Beatrix Wolf
    B: [7] Noah Willem Wolf
    G: [5] Isadora Emmeline Wolf "Izzy"
    B: [1] Odin Cole Wolf

    Gemma & Caspian with their 5 kids Archer, Zelda, Noah, Izzy, & Odin.
    A 16 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Sylvie, Lux, Romy, Ottilie, Maisie, Pearl
    ♂: Leo, Atlas, Ezra, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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    Cara Lillian, Bethany Rachel, Grace Miranda & Alyssa Jane

    DW: Cara Lillian
    DH: David Matthew
    - DD: Emma Coraline (10)
    - DS: Mason Everett (3)

    DW: Bethany Rachel
    DH: Evan James
    - DS/DS: Caden Eli & Bryson Levi (9)
    - DS: Austin Seth (5)
    - DS: Ethan Cole (2)

    DW: Grace Miranda
    DH: Connor Joseph
    - DD/DD/DD: Sophie Madeleine, Tess Rosalie & Eliza Vivian (4)

    DW: Alyssa Jane
    DH: Phillip Andrew
    - DD: Leah Mackenzie (12)
    - DD: Zoe Amelia (9)
    - DS/DD: Max Carson & Ella Paige (6)
    - DS: Asher Hayden (3)
    - DD: Hope Olivia (1)
    MadelineSophia ElizaAnnmarie LillianTessa ZoeAnnabel AmeliaCaroline SadieEmmeline AdelineCorinne LucyIsabel
    ZacharyAuden NathanielThomas AsherTheodore ParkerCameron NoahBaxter DanielBrooks WilliamJack JudeAlexander

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    Current Favs:

    Margaret * Fife * Pippa * Eleanor * Annabel * Zara * Harriet * Clementine * Aurelia * Mae

    Andrew * Samuel * Everett * Leo * Jack * River * Frederick * Gatsby * Henry * Jude

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    West Midlands, UK
    My name is Henrietta Louise, I married Harry Alexander at the age of 25 and when we were 27 and 26 respectively I gave birth to four beautiful, healthy girls. We named our quadruplets: Kate Roberta, Rose Matilda, Leigh Georgina and Brooke Natasha.
    The girls are now 30 and have gifted me with twelve gorgeous grandchildren!
    Kate and her husband Frank have one 14month old daughter, they named her Emma Alexandra.
    Rose and her husband Lewis have 7 year old Sebastian Henry and triplets: Margot Josephine, Edith Florence and Agnes Caroline who are 2 years old.
    Leigh and her girlfriend Cheyenne adopted a baby from their old neighbours, they named him Kaden Knox and he is now 19months old.
    Brooke and her boyfriend James have two sets of twins: 9 year old Tobias James and Jeremy Arthur are identical while 6 year old Phoenix Theodore and Kacey Rebekah are fraternal. They also 4 year old Kimberly Sophia and newborn Tennyson Sydney.
    Current Loves: Tobias Henry and Sebastian Keith

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