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    I really like Vail Ariadne and Sasson Rosemarie! Where does Sasson come from? I'm a fan of Pallas as well. I would prefer Io Violet to Io Eudora Violet, partially because I like the flow better and partially because I don't like names that end in vowels up against names that start with vowels for some reason. It's weird and I can't really explain it. I think that Io Violet would be gorgeous.

    An incredibly interesting list all around! Thank-you for posting this!

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    I love Hortensia! Hortensia Niamh is quite pretty
    Interesting list!
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    I love Thalassa. (please vote!)

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    I adore the names Ariadne, Aurelia and Ophelia, however, I'll probably never get a chance to use them.

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    Viv, go ahead.
    I do still like some of them still.

    Sasson is a Hebrew name that means Joy. It is actually unisex
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