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    Big Family Extended Congrats Game (Round 4)

    It's been another 5 years.


    For each Relationship: 10 sided die
    Married -- 8=they're divorced, All other's they're still together
    Engaged -- 4,5,6,8,9=they're married 2,7,10=they're still engaged 1,3=they broke up
    Long Term Relationship -- 1,5=they're married 4,6=they're engaged 2,8,9=they're still together 3,7,10=they broke up
    Short Term Relationship -- 6=they're married 5,9=they're engaged 1,2,8=they're in a long term relationship 3,4,7,10=they broke up

    For New Relationships
    1. married
    2. boyfriend/girlfriend (long term)
    3. boyfriend/girlfriend (short term)
    4. boyfriend/girlfriend (short term)
    5. married
    6. engaged
    7. boyfriend/girlfriend (long term)
    8. bisexual (odd-same as partner even-different than partner)
    9. single
    10. married

    Roll for First and Middle Names
    8. Contains a B and Y
    10. Ends with Y
    11. Boys:
    12. (basque, japanese, classical greek and catalan)
    13. (younger sounding name)
    14. or
    16. Contains but doesn't start or end with a G
    17. Boys:
    19. Starts with W
    20. Boys: Tony, Jack, George, Pat, Joe, Nehemiah, Billy, Charlie, Dave, Mike, Harry, Nick, Clyde, Dunnigan, Jonas, Garza, Warden, Clarence, Richard, Bray, Rupert, Michael, Kenny, Jamahl, Zach, Jeremy, Damian, Keenan, Akira, Edward, Leo, Mark, Tom, Vasili, Alexei, Karl, Fyodor, Anatoly, Semyon, Finley, Parker, Brady, Felix, Oliver, Elias, Gentry, Blake, Ezra, Spencer, Ellis, Maxen
    Girls: Marilyn, Joan, Beverly, Barbara, Sarah, Kelly, Denise, Laura, Viola, Emma, Naomi, Andrea, Katherine, Natalie, Merritt, Raisa, Nina, Mara, Zina, Elena, Tamara, Adeline, Alwyn, Amelia, Carson, Evangelina, Hadley, Harper, Iphigenia, Iris, Jessica, Karson, Kira, Maya, Melissa, Milena, North, Piper, Quinn, Nashira, Selah, Siena, Zoe, Lydia, Rosalie, Olivia, Livia, Taja, Brielle, Safiyya

    Roll for Last Names
    1. Starts with V
    3. (ambiguous, wrestler and welsh)
    8. (scroll on top)
    9. (feminine, catalan and ancient germanic)
    10. Noah, Radar, Freckles, Sierra, Apollo, Gilligan, Jase, Bernard, Buford, Jude, Big, Boy, Alley, Coal, Riley, Suki, Cracker, Jake, Sparky, Austin

    Roll for Number of Kids
    1. none
    2. none
    3. none
    4. 3
    5. 1
    6. 2

    Roll for Genders
    1. girl
    2. whichever they have less of
    3. boy
    4. whichever they have more of
    5. girl
    6. boy

    Roll for Ages
    1. step child or adopted (you choose age)
    2. infant
    3. 3
    4. 2
    5. 4
    6. 1

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    H: Ilya Ivor Kudrow [60]
    W: Alyssa Zoe [Lennox] Kudrow [55]

    S: Simon Max Kudrow [36]
    W: Janna Kyra [Harper] Kudrow [32]
    -S: Mason Duke Kudrow [12]
    -D/D: Cecilia Audrey Kudrow & Lily Eleanor Kudrow [11]
    -S: Bennett Oscar Kudrow [8]
    -D: Cameron Rose Kudrow [5]

    D: Liliana "Lily" Maeve Kudrow [35]
    BF: Jeremiah Troy Pascal [36] (long term)
    -D: Lorelei Ruby Pascal [12]
    -S: Benjamin Nathan Pascal [11]
    -D: Lena Charlotte Pascal [9]
    -S: Jasper Michael Pascal [1]

    S: Abraham "Abram" James Kudrow [34]
    XGF: Scarlett Evelyn Xavier [32]
    -D: Louisiana Hazel Kudrow [9]
    XGF: Noa Kristen Ibanez [27] (short term)
    -S: Juan Connor Ibanez [6]
    W: Sophie Cecily [Diaz] Kudrow [22]
    -D: Aria Clara Kudrow [3]

    D: Cecilia "Cece" Jane Kudrow [33]
    W: Eleanor "Ellie" Julianne [Luther] Kudrow [38]
    -Adopt-S: Atticus Uriah Kudrow [9]
    -Adopt-S: Dexter Logan Kudrow [7]

    D: Mara Sophie [Kudrow] Everett [29]
    H: Nathaniel Luke Everett [35]
    -Step-S: Liam James Everett [14]
    -S: Archie Holden Everett [12]
    -S: Isaac Zane Everett [7]
    -D: Ariel Aubrey Everett [4]
    -S: Levi Fox Everett [2]

    D: Leia Juliet Kudrow [29] (bisexual)
    XF: Sarah Eliana White [30]
    F: Harrison Philip Cruz [35]
    -D/D: Willow Jade Cruz & Azura Hunter Cruz [9]
    -S: Thaddeus Zade Cruz [6]
    -S: Luke Owen Cruz [2]
    Noah • Spencer • Judah • Owen • Ezra • Nathan • Archie • Atticus
    Juliette • Aurelia • Yael • Scarlett • Cecily • Aria • Mara • Mira

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    LN: Jones
    Maiden Name: Gordon
    DH: Carter David
    DW: Bianca Rose

    DD (36): Mila Pearl
    -DH: Isaac Dillon (LN: Haynes)
    -DD (14): Penelope Charlotte
    -DS (13): Jackson Elijah
    -DD (12): Maisie Delilah

    DD (35): Elsie Kate
    -DBF: Ethan Marcus (LN: Miller)
    -DS (12): Elliot Ethan
    -DS (9): Levi Keegan
    -DD (7): Jonah Logan
    -DS (6): Bennett Holden

    DS (33): Sebastian Jacob
    -DW: Laura Roslyn (Maiden Name: Rafferty)
    -DAD (7): Piper Annika
    -DD (5): Juliet Gracie
    -DD (4): Quinn Blythe
    -DD (2): Harper Kate
    -DD (1): Jolie Vivian

    DS (33): Emmett Jaxon
    -DW: Aubrey Hazel (Maiden Name: Carr)
    -DD (11): Isla Hadley
    -DD (8): Laurel May
    -DD (nb): Poppy Imogen

    DD (32): Phoebe Violet
    -DH: Colton Zachary (LN: Wilder)
    -DS (12): Nolan Gray
    -DS (10): Griffin Jasper
    -DS (8): Jax Foster
    -DAS/DAS (6): Miles Owen & Jude Kieran

    DD (31): Caroline Sophia
    -DH: Harrison Parker (LN: Greene)
    -DD (8): Olivia Abigail
    -DS/DS (3): Theo Henry & August Jack
    -DD (nb): Emma Cecilia
    Favorite Girls: Adelaide, Annabel, Charlotte, Cora, Eliza, Harper, Kinsley, Lila, Madeline, Piper, Presley, & Vivienne
    Favorite Boys: Archer, Asher, Bennett, Crew, Elliot, Everett, Griffin, Harrison, Jude, Logan, Maxwell, & Owen

    Vote if you would like

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    DH: Brayden Iaeger Shivali
    DW: Kelly Bianca {Madsen} Shivali

    DS: Jeremiah Ian Shivali (35)
    --DEXBF: Gabriel Kevin Lyle (38)
    --DH: Juan Alcott {Anderson} Shivali (32)
    ----DS: Quinnton Alcott Shivali (5) --used a surrogate--
    ----DD: Sarah Bailey Shivali (1) --used a surrogate--
    ----DAD: Gretchin Imogen Shivali (10 months)
    ----DD: Jane Caron Shivali (newborn) --used a surrogate--

    DS: Cameron Iaeger Shivali (35)
    --DEXGF: Neruda Sarah Lucretia (35)
    ----DD: Candie Queen Lucretia-Shivali (13)
    ----DD: Tanisha Genie Lucretia-Shivali (11)
    --DW: Amabelle Rae {Ice} Shivali (40)
    ----DAS: Willie Felix Shivali (4)
    ----DS: Kemen Zedekias Shivali (2)
    ----DD: Makvala Caroline Shivali (1)

    DD: Josephine Carole {Shivali} Tyler (34) "JoJo"
    --DH: Frankie Peter Tyler (38)
    ----DAD: Bonnie Tia Tyler (6)
    ----DS: Lennie Merle Tyler (4)

    DD: Theresia Cherry Shivali-Basilia (34)
    --DEXBF: Howard Zale Darcy (34)
    ----DS: Ireland Anthony Shivali (14)
    ----DD: Wish Courteney Shivali (12)
    --DEXF: Tank Jebidiah Iliad (40)
    --DH: Duke Kingsley Basilia (35)
    ----DD: Cammy McKenna Basilia (4)
    ----DD: Ceren Vera Basilia (3)
    ----DD: Chloe Bridget Basilia (8 months)

    DS: Grayson Isaiah Shivali (32)
    --DW: Ivy Arianna {Villeneuve} Shivali (33)
    ----DD: Quinn Sherry Shivali (3)
    ----DD: Deja Skye Shivali (1)
    ----DAD: Grace Spencer Shivali (2 months)

    DD: Brunhilde Claire Shivali-Cortez (31)
    ----DS: Hammond Anthony Shivali (12)
    --DH: Robert Jonathan Cortez (32)
    ----DD: Charity Kobi Shivali-Cortez (9)
    ----DAS: Burt Van Shivali-Cortez (6)
    ----DS: Argi Jeremy Shivali-Cortez (4)
    ----DD: Barley Melanie Shivali-Cortez (4)
    ----DS: Wade Quincy Shivali-Cortez (4)

    DS: Galileo Inwood Shivali (31)
    --DW: Francesca Isabelle {Cheddar} Shivali (30)
    ----DD: Vivian Mickie Shivali (11)
    ----DS: Hiram Bryant Shivali (6)
    ----DD: Naiara Violet Shivali (4)
    ----DS: Magnus Desmond Shivali (3)
    ----DD: Harper Lola Shivali (2)

    DS: Zachariah Israel Shivali (31)
    --DW: Evangeline Marigold {Lavender} Shivali (34)
    ----DD: Betty Varya Shivali (3)

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    Mom and Dad: Zoe Angel Savion & Sutton Atticus Savion

    36 - Elliot Ryan Savion (Liliana's twin brother) in a relationship with (long term) Annie Jocelyn Lord
    -2 - Oona Imogen Savion & Aya Naomi Savion
    -1 - Sullivan Wendel Savion *Sully*

    36 - Liliana Ivy Savion (Elliot's twin sister) in a relationship with (long term) Hans Pietro Eilatan
    -8 - Ronan Peter Ludovic (father is Viggo Charles Ludovic)
    -7 - Freya Love Eilatan (father is Hans Pietro Eilatan)

    35 - Zeke Landen Savion married to Marcy Robin Jitter Savion
    -9 - Levi Harrison Savion
    -8 - William Isaac Savion *Will*
    -6 - Nathan Pherick Savion

    33 - Phoebe Melissa Savion in a relationship with (long term) Huck Philip Beaker
    -14 - Theo Sutton Irving (father is Jensen Rush Irving)
    -2 - Augustus Taylor Beaker *Gus*
    -infant - Lucy Angela Beaker

    30 - Joel Norman Savion divorced Eliza Pearl Kiran Savion, married to Lola Shelby Vigdis
    -10 - Iris Olivia Savion (mother is Bridget Oriole McKean)
    -11 - Booth Henry Hamilton (Eliza's son from a previous relationship)
    -5 - Margo Zoe Savion (mother is Eliza Pearl Kiran Savion)
    -2 - Harry Magnus Savion (mother is Lola Shelby Savion)

    29 - Truman Clay Savion married to Gabriella Amber Sylvan Savion
    -6 - Kendra Marilyn Savion
    -5 - Nora Guinevere Savion
    -3 - Jethro Callum Savion
    -3 - Estelle Asra Savion *Stella* (adopted from France)
    -infant - Sylvie Maybelle Savion

    Zoe & Sutton with Elliot & Liliana, Zeke, Phoebe, Joel, and Truman
    Elliot & Annie with Oona & Aya, and Sully
    Liliana & Hans with Ronan and Freya
    Zeke & Marcy with Levi, Will, and Nathan
    Phoebe & Huck with Theo, Gus, and Lucy
    Joel & Lola with Iris, Margo, and Harry
    Truman & Gabriella with Kendra, Nora, Jethro, Stella, and Sylvie
    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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