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    I can't stand_____because.....

    So this isn't really a game but don't you just hate when you have a name you really love and then you meet someone really annoying or find out you just can't use the name?? Well...
    1. My cousins' name is Amelia but there is someone I know called Amelia and she works my last nerve sometimes. And I'm pretty sure it's on purpose. Awkward, I know.
    2. So, someone I know really well friends name is Ivy. Ivy used to be my favourite name. Now, after I find out she's a pain, I actually can't stand the name which is really annoying

    So? What's your story?
    Thomasina Iris • Evangeline Lark • Sparrow Amelia • Galaxia Charlotte • Odette Calliope • Avalon Magnolia • Sloane Nori • Olive Coralie Ever Alexandria • Caprice Olivia • Everett Penelope Opal • Annora Violette June • Jezebel Aurora Grace

    Levi Xavier • Xasha Edmund • Sirius James
    Finnick Alexander • Caspian Atlas

    Any suggestions for my signature are welcome. Still trying to make it perfect 😊

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