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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Zelia • Twenty • Film, history and royalty connoisseur • I have a personal blog and one about royalty
    Exporting beautiful old Danish names, exotic Greenlandic names and Greenlandic sibling names
    Henry Ásgeirr Edmund • Amaury Charles Fyodor "Theo" • Alexander Adelin Lórien "Sasha" • Asa Edouard Ivik
    Cosima Ingrid Zenobia "Mimi" • Matilda Ivalo Galadriel "Tilda" • Gaia Margaret Undómiel • Asta Catherine Françoise "Shazza"

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    Surname: Durelle

    Name: Tabitha Anne Durelle (nee Jhase) (nn Tabby)
    Age: 41

    Name: Levi Claude Durelle
    Age: 42

    Child 1: Girl
    Name: Sadie Zillah Durelle
    Age: 21

    Child 2: Boy
    Name: Miles Jethro Durelle
    Age: 19

    Child 3: Boy
    Name: Adrian Cruz Durelle
    Age: 15

    Child 4: Girl
    Name: Spencer Lyle Durelle
    Age: 8

    Tabby & Levi
    Sadie, Miles, Adrian & Spencer
    16 year old girl in year 11 (: I write when I can so I'm always on the lookout for new names

    Girls: Melody, Briar, Arabella, Tempest, Zoey, London, Zara, Peyton, Sadie, Rani, Liora, Jordan
    Boys: Jackson, Rixon, Seamus, Jai, Claude, Carter, Asher, Rhys, Rian (prn Ree-an), Levi, Leo, Joey, Harper, Damien, Sebastian, Jasper

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    Rosanna Maud Delaney [45] & Luke Ray Delaney [48]
    Pearl Meliora Delaney [20]
    Arthur Gideon Delaney [18]
    Flora Amity Delaney [16]
    August Douglas Delaney [8]

    rose and luke delaney; pearl, arthur, flora and gus.
    cassia | vivian | flora
    peregrine | jolyon | arthur

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    DW: Susanna Joan Myer
    Age: 41
    DH: Rhett Knox Myer
    Age: 41

    DS: Lennon Giffard Myer, 21
    DD: Alice Violet Myer, 19
    DS: Isaac Rowan Myer, 14
    DD: Avery Jude Myer, 13
    Name obsessed. Simple as that. Classic, vintage, modern, floral& biblical names are definitely my cup of tea.

    Favorite name combos for girls RIGHT NOW

    Edith Caroline*Zoe Margareta*Charlotte Mary*Poppy Emilia*Stella Jane*Ruby Elisabeth*Lykke Amalia*

    Favorite name combos for boys RIGHT NOW
    James Henry*Sebastian Charles*Caleb James*William August*Alexander John*Owen Nicholas*Isaiah Paul*

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