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    Freedom BNG

    1. You meet your husband ______ on your summer vacation in _______. You fall for each other quickly, and hate to say goodbye when the summer ends. You return home to find a surprise. Your boyfriend flew in to visit with you. While there he proposes to you.

    2.You and _____ marry in ______. You honeymoon to Hawaii, and return home after a week. It's the end of April when you find out you're pregnant.

    3. You and your husband buy a new house to fit you and your child. Where do you move?

    4. Congrats! it's New years eve and you go into labor. Your daughter is born on January 1st. But wait, after you give birth to your girl, your doctor says you have one more coming. You are so shocked to deliver a second little girl, but you're lost for a name. You give her the same initials as the first daughter.

    5. You and your husband are happy with your two little girls. Time flies and they start kindergarten when you find out your sister is pregnant with triplets. Your sister has had a bad past and asks you to adopt her kids when they are born. You would like to say no, but you cant let family down, so you agree. On may 3rd, your sister has 2 boys and a girl. She lets you choose the kids names.

    6. You and your husband pack everyone up and move, your house has gotten too small. Where do you move?

    7. It's several years later and your kids are all in school. You are busy all the time running the kids to practices and party's. But you aren't busy enough to get pregnant again. You go to the doctor and find out you're pregnant with quadruplets. 3 girls and 1 boy.

    8. The quads are born on New years day, just like their oldest sisters. What do you name the kids?

    9. You and your husband are very happy with your 9 kids.

    You can add pictures, personalities, grandchildren and anythings else you want (but you don't have too).

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    Me: Emma Katherine El Khatib.

    College: Harvard University.
    Major: History of Art and Architecture.
    Summer Vacation: Santa Barbara, California.

    Husband: Christopher Daniel "Chris" Van Etten.


    Honeymoon: Oahu, Hawaii.
    Home: Overland Park, Kansas

    Occupation: Architect.
    Chris' Occupation: Financial Analyst.

    1. Macy Adeline Van Etten.
    2. Michaela Alice Van Etten.

    Sister: Veronica Jane Nelson (El Khatib).
    Veronica's Husband: Samuel William "Sam" Nelson.

    3. (A) Vincent Michael Van Etten.
    4. (A) Declan Thomas Van Etten.
    5. (A) Charlotte Marie Van Etten.

    Home: Overland Park, Kansas

    6. Zoe Alexandra Van Etten.
    7. Olivia Penelope Van Etten.
    8. Sara Christine Van Etten.
    9. Cormac Timothy Van Etten.


    Macy's Occupation: Dental Assistant.
    Macy's Husband: Derek George Bingham.
    Derek's Occupation: Management Analyst.
    1. Ella Rosemarie Bingham.
    2. Aiden Charles Bingham.
    3. Oliver Matthew Bingham.
    4. Caitlin Elizabeth Bingham.

    Michaela's Occupation: Financial Manager.
    Michaela's Husband: Kyle Jonathan Kearney.
    Kyle's Occupation: Clinical Social Worker.
    1. Keegan Edward Kearney.
    2. Victoria Leigh "Tori" Kearney.
    3. Isabella Hope "Bella" Kearney.

    Vincent's Occupation: Medical Assistant.
    Vincent's Wife: Michelle Marie Van Etten (Way).
    Michelle's Occupation: Mental Health Counselor.
    1. Emilia Persephone Van Etten.
    2. Sebastian John Van Etten.
    3. Marcus Graham "Marc" Van Etten.
    4. Brandon Ezekiel Van Etten.
    5. Rebecca Liesel "Becca" Van Etten.

    Declan's Occupation: Patrol Officer.
    Declan's Wife: Jennifer Alice "Jenn" Van Etten (Sumner).
    Jennifer's Occupation: Recreation and Fitness Worker.
    1. Georgia Faith Van Etten.
    2. Ophelia Kaitlin Van Etten.
    3. Finley Deacon Van Etten.

    Charlotte's Occupation: Public Relations Specialist.
    Charlotte's Husband: Bailey James Parker.
    Bailey's Occupation: School Counselor.
    1. Caden Alexander Parker.
    2. Sophie Addison Parker.

    Zoe's Occupation: Computer Support Specialist.
    Zoe's Husband: Aaron Nathaniel Wilson.
    Aaron's Occupation: Real Estate Agent.
    1. Joshua Brayden Wilson.
    2. Jasper Edmund Wilson.
    3. Isaiah Victor Wilson.
    4. Melody Ann Wilson.

    Olivia's Occupation: Plumber.
    Olivia's Husband: Brian Scott DeLong.
    Brian's Occupation: Clinical Laboratory Technician.
    1. Grace Emmeline DeLong.

    Sara's Occupation: Surgical Technologist.
    Sara's Husband: Brandt Philip Marling.
    Brandt's Occupation: Auto Mechanic.
    1. Hannah Elise Marling.
    2. Samantha Isabelle "Sam" Marling.
    3. Noel Derrick Marling.

    Cormac's Occupation: Compliance Officer.
    Cormac's Wife: Elsa Penrose Van Etten (Barnett).
    Elsa's Occupation: Exterminator.
    1. Tristan Markus Van Etten.

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