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    Jul 2012
    Marry after: 2 years in Spring

    Honeymoon to: Paris

    Settled in: Sydney, Australia

    Baby 1:
    Gender: Girl
    Name: Jade Aviva-May
    Looks: Dark Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes

    Baby 2:
    Gender: Boy
    Name: Sasha Levi
    Looks: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes

    5 years later...
    Niece: Isabella Rose

    Babies 3&4:

    Gender: Boy/Boy
    Names: Archer Eli Hunter & Harrison "Harry" Ash Elijah
    Looks: Brown Hair, Green Eyes

    Kittens: Ollie (Boy) and Stella (Girl)

    Baby 5:
    Gender: Girl
    Name: Sienna Maeve
    Looks: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

    Jacob Crisdean River
    Adelaide Sophia
    Jade Aviva-May
    Sasha Levi
    Archer Eli Hunter
    Harrison Ash Elijah
    Sienna Maeve
    Top Sets:
    Girls: Olivia Fleur, Ava Tilly, Mila Bambi
    Boys: Theo Felix, Asher Louie, Archer Levi

    Top 10 Names (no order):
    Girls: Olivia, Ava, Mila, Grace, Sienna, Harlow, Fleur, Elise, Tilly, Willow

    Boys: Theo, Archer, Asher, Noah, Perry, Felix, Eli, Flynn, Ashton, Louie

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