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    What About Joke Middle Names

    So, nobody really has to know your middle name. There are probably people you've known for years and you don't know their middle name. They aren't that important and if you love some ridiculous name you'll probably stick it in the middle

    But, what about joke middle names. Example: if you watch How I Met Your Mother, Marshall and Lily name their son Marvin Waitforit. What if Waitforit really was your middle name? Part of me thinks it's the coolest thing ever and the other part feels bad that Waitforit is part of their legal name.

    I also had a friend who said he wanted his kid's middle name to be motherf***ing.

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    Haha is this a serious question? No, people should absolutely not treat naming their children as a joke. It doesn't matter if it's just the middle name, it's not cool in the slightest. If people think they're so damn funny, they ought to change their own middle names.

    I know the example you gave is from a TV programme, but I have heard of real life people giving their kids the middle name Danger (as in 'danger is my middle name'). I slightly doubt that people who would do that were really ready to have children.
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    Umm im not too sure i mean danger and ransom?

    things like that are ok but maybe i would have used cursedalot for my grandfather.. lol

    not sur eabout mf-ing one though...
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    Hey, my middle name is Motherf***ing!

    Obviously I'm joking. Wish it was. Except sometimes middle names show up on legal documents and at school. That would be either embarrassing or awesome.
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    I know a little girl whose name is Charlotte Adventure (she has a social media presence at - yes - 2 years old so I'm fine using her real name) and her father told me if their next is a boy he would be named Maximilian Danger. For real.

    I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I wouldn't like "Waitforit" or "Motherf***ing" as a middle name though.

    In college I used to give my friends fake middle names so I could 'yell' at them like parents do... for example Chris Wolfgang H______ and Carolyn Godzilla W______. Stuff like that. But I wouldn't do something like that for real. (Well, maybe Wolfgang. Wolfgang is fine.)
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