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    What imagery do you gravitate toward?

    Some of us may already know, but for those who haven't thoughts about it: look at your list. Think about your favorite names, and what sort of person they bring to mind for YOU. You may see a dominant theme emerging (or you may not! Which is interesting in itself).

    My favorite names tend to be sweet and spunky, yet with an ancient feel. I picture old souls who have an unusual level of peace with themselves, and can enjoy being silly and adventurous because they know that's what life is all about. People who have an instinct for life, and don't forget to enjoy the little things, and indulge in unusual and quirky hobbies because that's what they love.

    I have a much easier time finding female names that fit than male!
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    My girls list brings to mind someone on the serious side, but not intimidating. Someone smart but approachable. I picture a girl who doesn't waste her words and chooses them carefully. She has a kind heart.

    AND I have a couple fairy princess names in there too Just a couple though.

    I am the same way @yellow! My boys list doesn't really fit that pattern, or any pattern of its own. It's also much smaller.

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    My girls' list tends toward what I call "European exotic" - names that may be somewhat familiar, but not super classic. (i.e. Giselle, Cassandra, and Daphne as opposed to Elizabeth, Catherine, and Emily)

    Boy's names are a bit less consistent, but I notice that I go for once that are more akin to the Southern or Eastern European variety. (i.e. Darius, Alessandro, Sergei, etc.) It seems like people usually favor more elaborate or long names for girls, but I find I like them for boys better.
    ~Favorites of the moment~

    Girls: Sonya, Caroline, Sakura, Carmilla, Terra
    Boys: Conrad, Fain, Marcelo, Serge, Isidoro

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    I like strong, classic girls names. If they aren't classic, they're probably still short, power names. I inherited this style from my mom who named us inconsistently style-wise, but very short and strong. Lake, Lucy, Jane. If I go longer, I choose names that feel "classy" to me: Elena, Sylvie. I see girls who can wear suits, play sports, and clean the toilet.

    My boys names are far more romantic. For some reason they're very posh. I see well-dressed, friendly boys with gentle spirits: Theo, Jack, Eamon, Milo.

    also, Yellow, this is a great thread. There are lots of people I see around on the forum and I wonder what the unifying factor behind their names is.
    Names I enjoy:

    Girls: Lucy, Elena, Lake, Sylvie

    Boys: Jack, Eamon, Sylvan, Theo

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    It varies...i try not to rely on imagery too much when it comes to names. To do rely too strongly on it is to me sort of setting yourself up for a "my daughter's name is Patience but she is anything but!!" situation.

    That being said, when i make and edit my girls' list, i tend to go for names that in my opinion sound like names that could be anywhere. For instance, I could see an Anna or Lydia being in a spelling-bee, in dance class, or on the soccerfield. I like names that have sort of a soft vibe to them, but also a sort of strength and confidence. Classic but not too out-there-old but i also like names that have a more artsy sound (like Aria or Viva). I don't really care for long, over-the-top flow-y, princess names for girls either. I guess the image i try to achieve with my girls names are the loving, always there for you bestfriend, sweetheart names. If that makes sense lol.

    Boys names are trickier for me! I love softer sounding names on boys too (ex: Caleb, Asher, Ben, Tobiah, Aidan). I don't care for the long, 'elegant' names for boys. I guess with my boy names, I try tend to pick them according to a sweet, fiercely loyal friend, confident image...idk, like something that would fit on a son that can be out playing in the mud but also respectful towards instruction. I realize these descriptions probably only make sense in my own head but ah well!

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