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    Wondering about pronouncing ....

    I love how some of the names here on Nameberry have the names pronounced out with hyphens. I wish they all had that luxury added.

    I love how Dulce can be either Dul-see or Dul-chay but how would you pronounce Lalage? Is it Lul-a-Gie (soft G) or La-la-gee (hard G) ? Any ideas?

    What other names are you wondering how to pronounce?
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    Thanks for reminding me of the existence of Lalage. I'm falling in love with it after just a couple seconds. Adding to list now.

    It's pronounced LUL-a-dgie. Accent on the first syllable (like "cinema"), the g as in badge.

    I'm confused about Isolde. Or maybe not. I think I know the right pronounciation, but I don't like it.
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    Lalage is a very cute name if it is in fact pronounced La-la-jee. The way it looks on the name page sounded as La-lah-ghe, I believe the gh is silent as in "though". In that case it is La'-lah-ee.

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    Can anyone help out with Talmadge? Pronounce it, give meaning ore origin?

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    I like LUL-a-dgie as far as pronunciation goes. It's a very pretty name.

    I'm also confused on Isolde. It's a pretty name, but the way I think it's pronounced isn't my favorite.

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