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Thread: Khaleesi

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    Game of Thrones aside, let's talk about Khaleesi.
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    I personally dont like the name khaleesi on a person. To me it feels to controlled by its association with the Game of Thrones. I much prefer Daenyrs

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    What do you mean "Game of Thrones aside"?
    There is no Khaleesi outside of a Game of Thrones context or association, imo.
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    Honestly, it just looks ugly. Sound aside, how it's spelled just isn't pretty. The extra 'h', the double 'e', and the single 'i' ending just makes it look awkward. I don't think it sounds all that bad, kinda like an updated Kelsey. I just can't stand its spelling.
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    It's quirky and interesting, but I don't see how it's possible to avoid the A Song Of Ice And Fire/Game of Thrones connotations - that's what it was invented for after all.

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