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    Teddy for a girl's name

    We want to name our baby Teddy if it is a girl. I want to use it as a full name. I am not into long frilly girl names like Theodora. I like cool unisex names. I am having a hard time finding a good middle name to go with it. Any suggestions on a middle name? Our last name begins with a B.

    We already have one girl Charley Harper.
    If the baby is a boy we are going to name him Theo Maxwell.


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    I'm sorry, but I really dislike Teddy for a girl unless it's a nickname. As an adult it would be hard to go by Teddy in the professional world.
    Tobin, Terry, and Teal are some other T unisex names.
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    I think Teddy is cute for a little girl. I really like boyish nicknames for girls, though (like Charley - very cute!) I know a high school aged Teddy whose full name is Teodora. I prefer it as a short-form of a longer name, but if you are literally never going to use the full-form and really dislike it, then I wouldn't bother with it.
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    I knew a girl named Teddy growing up, I think it was a nn but I have no idea what it was a nn for. She always only went by Teddy. I think it works just fine of a girl because the image of a Teddy Bear gives it some softness.

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    My 2nd cousin named her daughter Teddi Marie.
    If your last name is more than 3 syllables than I would stick to 2 or less syllables for the middle name, but I think that's more your style anyway. I'm just gonna brain dump a bunch...

    Teddy Claire
    Teddy Jean
    Teddy Jane
    Teddy Alexis
    Teddy Camille
    Teddy Lila
    Teddy Colleen
    Teddy Ariel
    Teddy Louise

    I personally like longer middle names with a short peppy first name so these would be up my alley:
    Teddy Adelaide
    Teddy Evangeline
    Teddy Athena
    Teddy Julianne
    Teddy Lenore
    Teddy Loraine
    Teddy Lorelai
    Teddy Aurora
    Teddy Fiona
    Teddy Ginevra
    Teddy Natalie
    Teddy Caroline
    Teddy Amelia
    Teddy Sophia
    Teddy Emmeline
    Teddy Mackenzie

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