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    enna eiram sille

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    Aleacim (Micaela, me)
    Itsim (Misti, mom)
    Ynot (Tony, dad)
    Ivel (Levi, Bro)
    Nagal (Logan, Bro)

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    Ailiruam Eener...
    Somehow I doubt the wearability of this name.
    On a related note, my brother started writing his name backwards in the first grade to convince people he couldnt read. He has an overflow of stuff from that time period with Lyrad written on it. That one doesn't seem quite so bad.

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    Anneis Enimsaj
    Current Favourites: Sophie, Rose, Elsa, May, Anna, Charlotte, Ada, Georgina, Juliet, Rosalie, Amelina, Flora, Louis, Dominic, Julian, Simon, Alan, Ivan and Alistair.
    Love but Can't/Won't Use: Emmanuelle, Autumn, Emily, Emmeline, April, Rosamund, Thomasin, Ruby, Roscoe, Etienne, Emile, James, Quincy, Quentin.

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    Aluap Ardnaxela
    Eiluap (NN)

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