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    Olive - I just think this is really ugly. I like it's vibes, but I just can't love it. Plus I'm an Olivia, so I just think it sounds too much like a new vintage-y alternative, like parents wanting to use Addison but choosing Adelaide instead just to be ironically 'cooler'.

    Eloise - I think it's hideous, really, I do. I know loads of Eloises in the UK.

    Gemma - Loads of American people on Nameberry seem to really love this, but in the UK it's dated and dull.


    Margo - Granted, this one has been on and off my list a few times. I REALLY REALLY want to love it, but I don't. Sometimes I think I try and force myself to like it, but I can't.

    Fiona - I think this is actually quite ugly. I know a lot in the UK.

    Lola - Again, I know lots of Lolas in the UK (even a few in their teens) I see the appeal, but I've had a couple of bad experiences. I suppose that isn't the name's fault, though!

    Erin - I personally think this is really ugly and masculine sounding. Lots of people on Nameberry seem to really like it, but to me it sounds awful.

    Avery and Emery - SO awful. You couldn't pay me to name my child either of these. Really, I can't stand them.

    Claire - Dull. Dull beyond belief. I do adore Clara, on the other hand.

    Lydia - Horrible. I really don't like it.

    Sorry if this just seemed like a 'slate all the names you can think of' post, but I just don't get Nameberry's obsession with some names.
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    I find the majority of the names on here quite strange - possibly because I'm from the UK.

    I can't stand anything double barrelled particularly if the two names don't actually flow together and especially if a boy's name (Jaden-Frankie, Gracie-Katelyn)

    Any name that is really a surname bothers me (McKenzie, Grayson, Kennedy, Delaney)

    Also don't like old man/lady names that have suddenly become popular (Florence, Arthur, Edith, Stanley etc)

    Atticus - really bizarre, kind of like attic but sounds like a Roman emperor
    Leyland - these are trucks in the UK
    Beau - don't get it and what if he's unattractive?
    Leander - sounds like a girl's name
    Wyatt - like Earp?
    Dwayne/Duane - doesn't sound right - why has the 'W' been added to the beggining of Wayne?
    Rafferty - frilly

    Ottilie - don't get it, a bit like utterly?
    Jessamine - seems made up like two names sliced and stuck together
    Skylar - is this a boys or girls name. A bit like skylight
    Calliope - long, awkward
    Juniper - like the bush used to make Gin?

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    Boys' Names on girls. It's confusing and it's ugly. How would you like your name to be a random boys' name? Plus, it reduces the amount of usable boy names.
    This includes all -son and Mc- names except Allison.

    John, Michael, Matthew, William, George *sleeps* There are 1,000,000+ men with each of these names in the US. Do we really need another one?

    Names with the /xt/ consonant cluster. Braxton, Paxton.

    Names that end in -ee. Too cutesy and childish.

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    I have relatives who have 3 boys and one girl. The boys are Chelsea, Ashley, and Sasha, and the girl is Pippini (she would have been Pippin if she had been a boy). Now, I realise that Sasha is a boys name in Russia (a country that this family has no connection to), and Ashley was originally more popular as a boys name than a girls. But Chelsea? And all those feminine-sounding names in combination with each other?
    I dont get it. Also, their parents are teachers and therefore should have known that the kids would get teased a lot for their names. Which they do, especially Chelsea.

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    This thread sucks. Especially when you see two of your kids' names on peoples "hate" list. I appreciate this site and love seeing and learning about the favorite names of others as well reading constructive insights given to those who ask for it- but this is a little ridiculous and frankly, mean spirited.

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