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    [Part 1 & 2 Answers]

    Zooey Adelaide Fischer -
    I have black hair and pale gray eyes. I grew up in Savannah, Georgia with my parents and older sister Allison.
    I attended university in Seattle, Washington where I got a degree in Veterinary Medicine.
    After graduation, I decided to move in with my three best friends - Fiona Evans, Rachel Watson, and Ilke Wagner. We all go together and buy a 4-bedroom house in Henderson, Nevada, where Rachel is originally from.


    Dominic Addison Laird Reedus -
    He has blonde hair and brown eyes. He grew up in New York City with his single mom and two older brothers, Landon and Ronan.
    He went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he studied business administration and management.

    We meet at a wedding in New York, in the spring two years after graduation. He was the best man for his friend Alec Wilson, who happened
    to be marrying my cousin Rosie! We instantly hit it off and started dating not long after.

    --- Part 3:

    We date for two years before Dom finally proposes!

    The ring:
    The dress:

    We decide to move to Oceanside, California after our wedding.

    The house: http://www.charlottesville-area-real...c%20homes6.jpg

    About three years after getting married, we decide it's time to start our family. We have six little ones!

    The kids:
    Isobel Renee Reedus -Izzy [14]
    Samuel Everett Reedus - Sam [11]
    Ruby Eloise Reedus [9]
    Clara Genevieve Reedus [7]
    Cormac Thaddeus Reedus[3]
    Sebastian Ward Reedus [1]


    [formerly nj003]

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