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    Apr 2011
    Halina Maeve
    Black hair / gray eyes
    From Charleston SC
    Graduated from Columbia University, NYC in Psychology
    Moved to New Orleans with best friends Saffron, Teresa, & Lucy
    Home & Bedroom: A & E

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    Jun 2013
    Zooey Adelaide Fischer -
    I have black hair and pale gray eyes. I grew up in Savannah, Georgia with my parents and older sister Allison.
    I attended university in Seattle, Washington where I got a degree in Veterinary Medicine.
    After graduation, I decided to move in with my three best friends - Fiona Evans, Rachel Watson, and Ilke Wagner. We all go together and buy a 4-bedroom house in Henderson, Nevada, where Rachel is originally from.

    Our house:
    My room:


    [formerly nj003]

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    Jul 2013
    Leeds, Uk
    My name is Emma. I have Blonde hair, Blue eyes.
    I live in Annapolis, Maryland.
    I went to Columbia University, New York, NY
    I work as a neuro surgeon .

    After graduating college, I move to a difftent city with my three best friends, Lola, Grace and Elba and buy a small house with them.
    We moved to Miami, Florida.
    This is our house this is my room

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    somewhere over the rainbow
    Your name is (your choice): Isadora Margaret Lawson

    What do you look like? (Choose)
    D: Black hair and grey eyes

    Where did you grow up? (Roll)
    5: Savannah, Georgia

    Where did you go to college? (Roll)
    3: Stanford University, Stanford, CA

    What is your chosen career? (Chance)
    If you are a Scorpio (October 22nd-November 21st)...choose from this list
    What did you choose? Psychiatrist

    After graduating college, you moved to a different city with your three best friends, Adalynn Tess Hawthorne, Sara Elisabeth Durand, and Alexa Clare Alexander and bought a small house with them.

    What city did you move to? (Chance)
    If you like the beaches...Miami, Florida

    What does your house look like? (Choose)

    What does your bedroom look like? (Choose)
    C: Best Design Home
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    Issy M. Forsythe
    ~just a girl looking out for the world~
    current favorites: Zelda True, Aurelia Ivy, Bellamy Pearl, Asher Icarus, Raiden Isaac, Vincent Kelsier (and counting)
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    Your name is Lela Alice, and you're 22 years old. You have blonde hair and blue eyes, and you stand at a proud 5 feet, 7 inches. You've always been told you could model, but you put that dream on hold to go to college.

    You just graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle, and you're finally going back home to Savannah, Georgia, where you grew up.

    You have a degree in Criminal Justice, and you're looking forward to becoming a Criminologist as soon as you can find a job. However, after a couple of months in Savannah, you decide that it's time to move somewhere where you can have a successful career.

    You move to Portland, Oregon, where you have a couple of friends who are already living together. They make room for you in their small home, and you become a part of the makeshift family. Living with Emily, Josie & Melissa is a blast!

    June 13th, 2015
    💞 the day I married the love of my life 💞

    || Behara || Begemina || Elif || Ejlem || Luna || Merima ||
    || Amran || Elham || Hakan || Ilijas || Ibrahim || Naser ||

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