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    Expecting #4! Gulp!

    Those who have 4 or more children - just tell me this is doable. I know so many people get the jitters about having another child and I am not strange for being nervous. We have always wanted 4 but now that the 4th is on the way I am so nervous! How hard is it really to spread the time and attention among 4 little ones to make sure that everyone feels loved and needs are being met?

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    These are some blogs of artistic, funny, cool, fashionable, spiritual, intelligent women who have 4 or more kids: - Renee lives in Washinton state with her 14 children. They have really cool names (this is still nameberry) like Jubilee, Tilly, Boaz, & Apollo. - Rubyellen lives in Southern California and just had her 4th daughter. Her daughters are named True, Brave, Soul, & Glow. - Jen (& Brad) share about becoming parents to quadruplet boys (born in Feb 2007). The boys names are Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac. - Rebecca lives in LA and just gave birth to babies 3 & 4 at the same time. Her children are named Archer Sage, Fable Luella, Boheme Shalom, & Reverie Lux.

    I'm sure you'll have more than anough mama to go around! Good luck with everything

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    1,385 - Nina Badzin writes about what to expect when expecting your fourth. Her children's names are Sam, Rabecca, Elissa, & new baby Nate.

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