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    May 2013
    The MAX if money and space were no object, I would say 6 or 7. I realistically and dreamily want a mix of biological and adopted babies.
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    We have agreed that our max is 3 kids, but we will probably shoot for 2 kids.
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    My answer is still the same lol, my max would be two

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    I want 10 but I think it'll end up being more like 4-8 somewhere in there. Honestly I would be very disappointed if I had under 3 kids.
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    I'm one of four, and my husband's only one of two, so our ideas of big and small sized families are a little different! I guess I'd really like three or four, and I definitely don't want too many girls. I have two younger sisters and my brother wasn't half as annoying as either of them!

    I originally thought that my husband would be reluctant to have more than two, but surprisingly, he says he'd be hapy with four, maybe even five. I scoffed, and told him unlikely. Although, we seem to be counting already as we are now expectng twins in January!

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