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    I'm 24, and no kids yet. Everyone I know who has kids (all older than me) will laughingly tell me to just wait til I have one whenever I say how many kids I want. Ha. I was one of 3 growing up, and ALWAYS wanted more siblings. I'm the oldest and my sister (the youngest) is 7 years younger than I am, so we weren't that close growing up. (A lot more so now, though.) So ideally, I'd like to have 4 or 5 kids, pretty close in age. My sister often comments that she felt a bit left out growing up, and she thinks 3 can be a hard number because of that, so 4 might win out. I will just have to wait and see. My husband (also one of 3) likes the idea of having 3, and he'd like them to be close in age, too. Of course, who knows how things will turn out. Right now I'm just hoping for my first!
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    5. I dislike even numbers, and would like a middle child (as a middle child), so it's either 3 or 5. More than 5 I'd probably end up buried.
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    DH wants two, but I would love four. If money were no object (and I had a live-in nanny ) I'd have five or six. Realistically, we will probably end up with three (God willing)!

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    Don't have any kids yet. My ideal is three, min two, max four.
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    I was/am hoping for one more after this child, which would make five. But this pregnancy has been so crazy and different and difficult that I am not sure I could do any of it again (even if my husband ends up being not-completely-opposed).
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