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    Weight gain slowing down in breastfed baby


    Our baby's weight gain has been slowing down, picked up on her last two weighings. I'm pretty confident that she's fine, and the nurse/pediatrician don't really seem concerned other than wanting to keep an eye on it, but my partner is really worried about it. Should I be worried?? This is her weight gain:

    4th June (birth) - 3565 g - 75 percentile
    9th June - 3415 g - 55 percentile
    19th June - 3800 g - 56 percentile
    26th June - 4180 g - 64 percentile
    15th July - 4530 g - 51 percentile
    7th August - 5215 g - 50 percentile
    11th Sep - 5680 g - 36 percentile
    16th Oct - 5980 g - 22 percentile

    She appears to eat well, as far as I can tell. She is fed on demand, usually every 2 hours during the day with stretches from 6-8 hours at night (re: my recent sleep thread, sleeping is getting back on track very nicely, we have made big improvements!), receives only breastmilk and vitamin D drops. She has enough wet and dirty nappies and stools are usually as they should be, occasionally green which I know can be a sign of too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk, but this is no longer a regular occurrence (it was for about 3 weeks from 3 months old). She is sometimes fussy (usually because she's getting tired) but usually happy and always bright-eyed and alert in her wakeful periods. Her developmental milestones are all coming at normal times. She will generally finish at least one breast at a feeding, sometimes will take the second as well. I myself am and always have been slim (actually just bordering on underweight, but I'm healthy and eat well), so I would not be at all surprised if she turns out to be on the slim side as a baby/child. I just don't think there's anything wrong with her, but my boyfriend is looking at the stats and the curves and is pretty concerned. He agrees she's eating plenty and is clearly not starving hungry but thinks she is not converting it into sufficient weight gain for some reason.

    Am I being too blasé or is he overly worried? The nurse mentioned early weaning as a possibility, but she wasn't pushing it at all and I don't think baby's quite ready yet... Not quite sure what to do, if we should do anything in particular or what to say to him. We are getting her weighed again in 2 weeks and I am very much hoping she'll be holding steady on her current curve and not drop any further

    Edit: Well I guess she's not 100% fed on demand anymore as I am now sometimes refusing to feed her if I think she is not really hungry and just wants it to go to sleep, but this is a recent development and the slowing down of weight gain predates it. At these times also she has typically just eaten in the last 20 mins.
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    How often does she want to be nursed during the day? Like, how long do you go between feeds? How much is she napping? I doubt she's malnourished but if you're a very slim lady your body might not be able to produce as much fatty milk as your baby needs to really thrive & grow. Do you pump? If you do, look and see, is your milk nice & fatty or is it quite watery?

    I honestly don't think you have anything to worry about. In a month or so I'd say she'll be ready to try solids & at that point I would just give her some high-cal stuff like avocado & things like that, and try mixing a touch of formula in so she gets loads of protein & vitamins. Pablum is up to you. My doctor told me its the best place to start because it's so gentle, but I have also read babies can't really digest it. We always used to just mix it in with pureed vegetables or whatever because its so full of vitamins & stuff.

    We have two daughters - my husband and I are both small, slim people & we have teeny kids. Both are small girls but healthy, both were long term breast-fed til around 2 years (my second daughter is/was breast-fed when I am home & formula fed when I am at work/feeling very lazy). We started them both on solids around 6 months but didn't really commit to it til 8 or 9 months.
    We have a friend who's daughter was always hungry, they started her with solids at 4 months & she is a big healthy girl.
    There's no right or wrong way to do it. If it would make your partner feel better I would consider (keep breastfeeding as long as you can/want!) supplementing her diet with some fortified high-cal solids a little earlier than you would otherwise.
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    It wouldn't concern me unless her curve starts to severely drop (like under 10%) but even then if she's eating and gaining Id not likely be concerned. Breastfed babies often have weird but healthy growth patterns.

    If your BF is very concerned, you can ask your doctor about it at the next visit, or call a lactation specialist, but I think it's probably normal.

    How is your diet? I agree with checking your milk to be sure you have sufficient fat content (you can see when you pump and refridgerate by how it separates). Maybe introduce some oatmeal a little earlier than usual (my daughter was 5.5 months, we planned on waiting til 6 but she expressed interest earlier), but I wouldn't be worried.
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    Any chance you could be pregnant again?

    Assuming you're not, if her weight gain continues to slow significantly, I'd resume feeding her completely on-demand.
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    I think you sound like you are doing just fine. Some babies are a bit slower on the weight gain, and some are like weeds!

    I had a similar situation with my first bubba. She was 8 and a half pounds at birth, so a decent size. And she slept through quite early and was generally very happy and meeting milestones. She was fed one side per feed every 3-4 hours, and we started solids at five and a half months. The reason we started solids then was we had a weigh in and she hadn't gained any weight in 2 months! Yikes, that was a surprise. So straight away she got a bit of solids and both breasts per feed (which I never thought she wanted, but apparently she certainly did). And boom, gaining weight again at a steady pace. I also drank a few of those protein mix with milk drinks to try to boost milk fat content, but I don't really think they make much difference, so long as you are really well hydrated and eating well. With starting solids we started with baby rice and mashed veges those sorts of things. She was not really that interested but I thought we had to for the weight gains. Baby rice is sh*t in my opinion though, constipating and blaaaaaaand.

    So with that experience in mind (hindsight is a wonderful thing) when I had my 2nd baby (same birthweight) I fed both sides for most feeds and started solids around 4 months, she also had a dream feed at tenish). She had a big sister sitting next to her at the table and she was keen for food by then. And there was no weight drop off with her.

    Then comes baby number three at 9 pounds. She just gets fed whenever she wants and was snatching food from my hands at about 4 months. Definitely no weight drop off with that chunk.

    I would guess that your wee babe will be on the slender side and her weight will pick up soon enough. If I were you (only my opinion!) I would breast feed both sides at all times if possible and not deny her feeds if she's asking for it, even if it's been a short time since her last one. It could be a growth spurt or just wants more. I don't think it can hurt at that age. I'd also test out the solids in a few weeks. Just let her grab things out of your hand (I did baby led weaning with baby 3.... Way better than mush with babe 1), offer her soft things like avocado (you have those?!) or banana or toast fingers. Let her play and she'll soon tell you if she's keen for more or if it's too soon. It's a better way to see if they are ready than loading up a spoon I reckon.

    Anyway, sorry for the novel. You sound like you are doing great and not blasé at all. Good luck and I hope it all goes well for you. Solids as the next step, fun! Mess! Less boob!
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