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    Question When did you announce and how?

    I know 'typical' time to announce a pregnancy is the end of the first trimester. I am currently 3 weeks & 5 days pregnant. (from date of conception, not last period) I have told my two closest friends, one is a nurse and the other is a new mom. I figured even if I miscarry, I would want their support. My husband really wants to tell his parents, but I'd like to wait a little longer. My nurse friend says to to wait until at least 20 weeks, that seems so long! I would also like to send out actual paper pregnancy announcements before I announce on social media, does this seem too snooty?

    My other questions are: When did you announce and to whom?
    And why did you choose that time?
    How did you announce it?
    What about social media?

    Thanks very much!

    On a side note, I had an business aquaintance randomly ask when we were planning on having kids and seemed to have some secret knowledge that I was pregnant, like she was winking and trying to get me to tell her. Weird experience to say the least. I've read about this type experience in one of my baby books.
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    Whatever you're comfortable with. 20 weeks sounds too long for close friends and family but I think I waited about that long to tell my boss. (I rarely see my boss in person and wasn't showing much until about 6 months thanks to my uniform). We told family between 10 and 12 weeks LMP and posted 12 weeks ultrasound pictures to Facebook around 13 weeks after the NT scan went well.

    We told people in person or by telephone, except my boss whom I emailed. I initially wanted to wait a little longer but DH was more eager to announce earlier.
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    Yes, I could understand about waiting to tell your boss. Thankfully, we are our own bosses, we run a small farm. My husbands eager to announce too!
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    For both pregnancies we told close family (parents etc) around the 7/8 week mark, started telling close friends & extended family after our NT scan went well. I like telling close family/friends in person (if out of town, on skype or by phone). With our first we put up a scan photo on FB around 13 weeks, with this pregnancy I didn't put anything up on FB until over 21 weeks. I'm a relatively private person, and seem to be getting more so as I age - hence not getting round to putting anything on social media for so long.

    Oh, as for telling work - my morning sickness was worse the first time round so ended up telling my bosses around 9 weeks along, this time I kept it on the downlow until 14 weeks. It's a small workplace and my workmates had started to guess what was going on otherwise I would have kept it a secret for longer I think!
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    We found out at 5 weeks. We waited till 10 weeks, after we heard his heartbeat, to tell our closest friends and family (the ones we would tell about a miscarriage.) I wanted to wait till at least 20 weeks to tell everyone else, but my husband worked me down to 14 weeks. I wanted to wait that long so that we would have done the anatomy scan and could say, "Hey, we're having a baby, its a boy, his name is Solomon." I don't know, I guess I wanted to not drag it out?

    But I have friends who waited that long to share bc they wanted to make sure the baby was completely healthy first. We knew that we would not terminate the pregnancy no matter what, so this didn't matter to us. But consider if you would end the pregnancy if the baby had some abnormality, would you want to share that information?

    For our close family and friends, we just called or told them in person, depending on geography. We n't do anything clever, just told people. For everyone else, my husband put an announcement on Facebook. Again, nothing clever, just sharing the news.

    For a few friends who were struggling with infertility, I emailed them the news before we announced it at large so that they could have the space and privacy to react however they needed to.

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