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    Fun older kid milestones

    Hi ladies, It's easy to find charts for things like developmental milestones as well as age-appropriate chores, but I was looking for more fun milestones for slightly older kids--the kinds of things kids look forward to being able to do once they reach a certain age.

    So what did you or your kids look forward to doing that required a certain level of maturity? And at what age do you personally think that's appropriate? Of course every kid and every family is different, but what is your experience/opinion?

    Things like:
    -getting an allowance
    -using the computer
    -climbing trees
    -getting ears pierced
    -staying home by themselves for a few hours (I know some states have laws about this, but I know I considered it a privilege at ~12 to be home alone for an hour or so)
    -sleeping over at a friends house

    I know there are more I'm just blanking!
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    Those are good ones!

    Being able to do things like go to the mall or movies with friends

    Walking to school or the bus stop alone

    Walking the dog alone

    Losing your last baby tooth

    Being allowed to see more adult movies or PG-13 movies

    Later bedtimes
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    Dying your hair
    getting your braces off
    wearing makeup
    getting your own cell phone
    Opening a bank account

    These would all be like Middle school and up
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    I'm thirteen. I'm allowed to...
    Go on a bike ride on the road alone
    Stay home alone often
    Take care of pets
    Water the garden without instruction
    Use an iPad and laptop
    Choose my own books from then library without parental inspection
    Watch PG 13 movie
    Be trusted to finish all my chores when Theres a list out in the morning
    Choose my sports
    Choose my clothes
    I'm sure there's more
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