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    Those are some great ideas for middle names, i really like Reeve Edward. If i ever used Reeve I would probably spell it like that. Reed or Reid are really good too, does anyone know any other names that are similar? What do people think of Reeve Benjamin, or Reeve Benedict?
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    I've really liked this name ever since I read The Face on the Milk Cartoon as a kid. The main character's boyfriend was named.

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    Reeve sounds like a masculine name to me. I thought of Christopher Reeve right away, but your child's generation might not. It seems very similar to peeve though, as in "pet peeve."
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    I had never heard of Christopher Reeve until this post but I just looked him up. I don't think you should let one person put you off from using a name. As forReeve, I love it. It's one of my recent favorites and I've been pairing it with Alexander. I think the length of your surname should determine the length of the mn.

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    LOVE the name Reeve. It's very strong and unlikely to have any nicknames arise, unless you're Australian and it is likely to be lengthened to "Reevey" which is also a great name.
    Don't let people put you off with the Christopher Reeve association. It's a neutral association in any event.
    The length of the middle name you go with should depend on your surname too, so it's a little hard to suggest.
    Best of luck

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