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    3 Families w/Combos

    These are combos from birth announcements at a nearby hospital...I couldn't make some of these up!

    DH: Abram Michael, Kenton Walker, Mason Hunner, Jayden Michael, Exson Aylan
    DW: Amelia Hope, Madison Clara, A'moni Carissa, Maddison Elizabeth-Brooke, Olivia Grace

    DS1: Liam Tage, Emmitt James, Kayden Edward, Dean Paul Andrew, Briar Allen
    DS2: Laith Rakan, Jasiah Gabriel James, Chay Alexander, Robert Eli, Blaze Daniel
    DD1: Chelsey Kenlee Jay, Jeriyah Noelle, Kaydence Rhayne, Cora Elizabeth, Ava Kensley
    DD2: Tenley Brook, Reese Madison, Marlee Mae, Aurora Raquel, Aria Kaide
    DS3/DS4: James Lee, Sebastian Malcolm, Dylan Wade, Brycen Lakease, Gavin Michael & Oliver James, Elijah Andrew, Colton Christopher, Elijah Neal, Charles Gerald

    DH: Landon Anthony, Ryder Monroe, Damian Alexander, Silas Owen, Wyatt Samuel Lynn
    DW: Rylee Ann, Ella Faith, Zariyah Elise, Baylee Grace, Adaleigh Paige

    DD1: Mia Jordyn, Ariel Elizabeth, Lilybelle Veronika, Madison Brooke, Adalynn Elizabeth
    DS1: Theran David, Knox Daniel, Cannon Ledo, Clayton Levi, Jonah Ray
    DD2: Ruby Jane, Braylyn Lamore, Lilly Jo, Bryleigh Lynne, Harmonii Artell Jean Luv

    DH: Logan Alexander, Jett Hudson, Carter Joseph, Hayden James, William Thomas-Lee
    DW: Peyton Denise, Portlynn Talaiah, Ava Audrey, Hazel Quinn, Jesslyn Nichole

    DS1: Jude Thomas, Jayden Cade, Jayvin Robert Marcell, Tanner Marshall, Jacob Paul
    DS2: Jaxon Tate, Beau Dylan, Brantley Briar James, Maximum Arrillias, Logan Donovan
    DD1: Evelynn Grace, Isabella Marie, Luna Mae Lucille, Antwanete Navaeh Faith, Sophie Elliott
    ~* Mom to RAG and AKJ, foster mom to DL and PS *~

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    DH: Abram Michael
    DW: Amelia Hope

    DS1: Emmitt James
    DS2: Robert Eli
    DD1: Cora Elizabeth
    DD2: Marlee Mae
    DS3/DS4: Gavin Michael & Elijah Neal

    DH: Silas Owen
    DW: Adaleigh Paige

    DD1: Ariel Elizabeth
    DS1: Knox Daniel
    DD2: Ruby Jane

    DH: Hayden James
    DW: Hazel Quinn

    DS1: Jude Thomas
    DS2: Brantley Briar James
    DD1: Evelynn Grace
    ~* Mom to RAG and AKJ, foster mom to DL and PS *~

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    DH: Mason Hunner
    DW: Amelia Hope
    DS1: Liam Tage
    DS2: Robert Eli
    DD1: Cora Elizabeth
    DD2: Aria Kaide
    DS3/DS4: Gavin Michael/Oliver James


    DH: Silas Owen
    DW: Adaleigh Paige
    DD1: Mia Jordyn
    DS1: Jonah Ray
    DD2: Ruby Jane


    DH: William Thomas-Lee
    DW: Hazel Quinn
    DS1: Jude Thomas
    DS2: Beau Dylan
    DD1: Evelynn Grace 'Evie'

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    The Bishop Family
    DH: Abram Michael Bishop
    DW: Amelia Hope Bishop
    - DS: Liam Tage Bishop
    - DS: Robert Eli Bishop
    - DD: Cora Elizabeth Bishop
    - DD: Reese Madison Bishop
    - DS/DS: James Lee Bishop & Oliver James Bishop

    The Edwards Family
    DH: Damian Alexander Edwards
    DW: Ella Faith Edwards
    - DD: Mia Jordyn Edwards
    - DS: Jonah Ray Edwards
    - DD: Lilly Jo Edwards

    The Winters Family
    DH: Carter Joseph Winters
    DW: Hazel Quinn Winters
    - DS: Jude Thomas Winters
    - DS: Logan Donovan Winters
    - DD: Evelynn Grace Winters
    Ana Victoria
    brazillian name geek writer

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    Isaac Carl Roger + Alice Astrid Maria + Alvin Carl Isidor
    auntie to Milia Therese & Colin Per Mikael

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