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    Sep 2012
    Holden Walter (kept)
    Wesley Oliver (swapped)
    Madrigal Camilla (changed FN)
    Ian Rutherford (changed MN)
    Eglantine Grace (initials)

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    Oct 2012
    Sydney, Australia
    Hollis Willoughby (initials)
    Wesley Oliver (kept)
    Camilla Madrigal (swapped)
    Guthrie Rutherford (changed fn)
    Eglantine Louisa (changed mn)

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    Anthony Willoughby (changed fn)
    Wesley Oliver (kept)
    Camilla (changed mn)
    Gregory Ryder (initials)
    Louisa Eglantine (swapped)
    Isaac, Asher, Marcus, Nathan, Ezra, Josiah, Matthew, Thomas, Noah, Bodhi, Arlo, Atticus, Dillon, Viggo
    January, Aster, Ianthe, Story, Luna, Engla, Mairi, Nola, Winter, Olive, Violet, Rhiannon, Astoria, Autumn, Victoria, Elena, Eilidh, Etta, Eva, Jani, Coraline, Lilian

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    Sep 2012
    Louisa Eglantine (kept)
    Oliver Wesley (swapped)
    Mingus Willoughby (changed FN)
    Camilla Tanith (changed MN)
    Graeme Ruskin (initials)

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    Aug 2009
    Oliver Wesley {kept}
    Louisa Harriet {changed MN}
    Georgina Renee {initials}
    Sebastian Willoughby {changed FN}
    Tanith Camilla {swapped}
    Every experience, no matter how bad it seems,
    holds within it a blessing of some kind.
    The goal is to find it.
    - Buddha

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