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    Do you mean the first name Keir, such as Keir Dullea, or is your surname Kier?
    With the name Keir, I like: James Keir, Philip Keir, Stephen Keir, Robert Keir.
    Since Keir/Kier is Celtic/Welsh, what about:
    Hamish Keir
    Iain Keir
    Ivor Keir
    Owein Keir
    Patrick Keir
    Peader Keir
    Lorcan Keir
    Malcolm Keir
    Michael Keir
    Graham Keir
    Alasdair Keir
    Nicol Keir
    Seamas Keir
    Declan Keir
    Cormac Keir
    Geraint Keir
    Madoc Keir

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    Sorry, I should have been clearer! I meant a sibling name to go with Kier! I really love Seamus but my boyfriend is unconvinced! I also love Everett but he hates it!

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    WDYT of

    Keir and Evan
    Keir and Ian
    Keir and Stellan
    Keir and Stefan
    Keir and Tristan
    Keir and Kellen
    Keir and Callum
    Keir and Rhys
    Clara Juliet ~ Stella Anneliese ~ Lucy Elizabeth ~ Annabel Harper ~ Meredith Lisette
    Evan James ~Jackson Porter ~ Davis Emory

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    I like your style! Kier is a cool name. I immediately thought of Finn for Kier's sibling. Some other ideas:

    Kier and August
    Kier and Beckett
    Kier and Dane
    Kier and Finn
    Kier and Hugo
    Kier and Shea
    Kier and Valo
    Kier and Viggo
    Kier and Zane
    Happy naming!

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