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    Google Family BNG

    This game is based on the search suggestions that Google gives you. You just need to type the words nameberry then the information I put next to each family member into Google and pick the names off the list that it gives you eg. 1601560_249660948532191_938025778_n.jpg

    SN: surnames like
    Your Name: FN: variants of the name MN: Your choice
    Partners Name: FN: nicknames for MN: Your choice

    Choose your genders by flipping a coin [heads=boys, tails=girls]

    1. FN: *choose a favourite letter*
    MN: *first two letters of your name*

    2. FN: *first two letters of your surname*
    MN: *first two letters of your username

    3. FN: *first two letters of your favourite boys name*
    MN: *last two letters of your name*

    4. FN: *first two letters of your favourite girls name*
    MN: *last two letters of your username*

    I hope this isn't too complicated. Remember to put nameberry before the specific letters or you might get some very randomly named babies.
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    Lily Amelia Winchester
    James Kieran Winchester
    -Miles Brody Winchester
    -Rachel Genevieve Winchester
    -William Idris Winchester
    -Wyatt Nelson Winchester

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    SN: Van Der Woodsen
    Your Name: Rose Amelia
    Partners Name: Nick Geoffrey

    DS: Gavin Liam

    DD: Thea Bunny

    DS: Henry Ayden

    DD: Sadie Xanthe
    ~ Lindsay ~

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    Ohio USA
    SN: Prentice
    Your Name: Mariska Jayne
    Partners Name: Johnny Alexander

    DS: Avery Teddy
    DD: Katherine Elsa
    DS: Atticus Sawyer
    DD: Arabella Rowan

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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