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    Jason ~ Matthew ~ Ryan ~ Thomas ~ Shane
    Serena * Ariel * Miriam * Kari * Veronica


    Perseus ~ Chandler ~ Harvey ~ Bartholomew ~ Darien
    Sakura * Winry * Raven * Meredith * Monica

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    Nov 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    DW: Camille Elodie Walsh and DH: Martin Rupert Porter

    We want a big family! Subtle theme: All boys with R middle names, all girls with a nature name, and they'll all have vintage/old-fashioned first names.

    1. B/G twins! James Rowan "Jem" and Florence Willa "Flora"
    2. It's a boy! Cyrus Rupert "Ru"
    3. It's another boy! Ellis Ryder
    4. It's a girl! Elizabeth Wren "Betsy"
    5. It's another girl! Lavender Echo
    6. It's another girl! Millicent Pearl
    7. It's a boy! Everett Ralph
    8. It's a girl! Lily Alice
    9. It's another girl! Philippa Petal "Pip"
    10. It's twins! Nora Ivy and Jonas Reeve "Jo"
    11. It's a boy! Felix Roman
    12. It's another boy! Jasper Radley

    7 of each!
    The girls: Florence, Elizabeth, Lavender, Millicent, Lily, Philippa and Nora
    The boys: James, Cyrus, Ellis, Everett, Jonas, Felix and Jasper

    or Jem, Willa, Ru, Ellis, Betsy, Lavender, Millicent, Everett, Lily, Pip, Nora, Jo, Felix and Jasper

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    Jun 2012
    Parents: Alegria and Matthias (just made those up...)

    Genesis Lark "Gen" and Perseus Matteo "Percy"
    Madeline Alexandra (not Madelyn, mind you, Madeline)
    Alaia Marisol
    Nathaniel Reed
    Dmitri Story
    Acacia Harper "Casey"
    Aria Belle (Changed spelling from Bell to Belle)
    Archer Conrad (changed from Konrad- Conrad is so much softer than Konrad. Konrad was too hard)
    Ivan Sebastian
    Nora Blair and Jesse Troy
    Austen Thomas

    7 boys, 6 girls
    Name Nerd & Author
    Novel Faves:
    Beauty is Blind:Aurelia Dawn, Briony Sage & Calista Rose; Damien Lysander
    Twice Upon a Time: Contenza "Connie" & Jensina "Jennie"
    GIRLS: Antonia Jude "Annie" Rosalind Briar "Lindy" Felicity Snow, Tabitha Belle, Briallen
    BOYS: Gabriel Kai, Sebastian Lawrence, Benedict Jotham, Lionel James, Nathaniel

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    Apr 2012
    My Ever-Changing Eclectic Little List:
    ♫ Alexander, Alec, Camden, Dominic, Jude, Maverick, Theo, Wesley♫
    ✿ Aria, Claire, Estella, Isabelle, Jemima, Marin, Piper, Rosalie ✿

    Mama to a kitty named Arion Blu
    Auntie to Carson Wade (7/18/2013)

    Vote on some of my names here:

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    Jul 2012
    My Name: Garnet Magdalene
    Husband's Name: Maddox Nathaniel

    1) 4 - Daughter: Persis Georgia / Son: Rhys Donovan
    2) 4 - Daughter: Luna Elinor
    3) 3 - Son: Adrian Raphael
    4) 6 - Son: Amos Jude
    5) 5 - Son: Luther Pine
    6) 6 - Son: Griffith Sullivan
    7) 4 - Daughter: Genesis Eve
    8) 6 - Son: Archer Darius
    9) 4 - Son: Hamish Jupiter
    10) 2 - Daughter: Ruby Skye / Daughter: Stella Matisse
    11) 5 - Daughter: Athena Severine
    12) 3 - Daughter: Nora Bronte

    Garnet Magdalene and Maddox Nathaniel have:

    Persis Georgia *Persia*
    Rhys Donovan *Rhys*
    Luna Elinor *Luna*
    Adrian Raphael *Adrian*
    Amos Jude *AJ*
    Luther Pine *Luther*
    Griffith Sullivan *Griffith*
    Genesis Eve *Genny*
    Archer Darius *Arch*
    Hamish Jupiter *Hamish*
    Ruby Skye *Ruby*
    Stella Matisse *Stella*
    Athena Severine *Athena*
    Nora Bronte *Nora*

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