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    Jul 2014

    What is your dream Family?

    Names and birth order. Feel free to include any children you already have.
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    Tiffani Nicole
    A Mini Bio:
    High School Class of '17, Auntie to 12, and Part-Time Name Enthusiast with a Passion for Dirt Track Racing, Photographing the World, and Writing Anything but Essays.

    Names I love:
    *middles are family names*
    Fabulous and Feminine:
    Taleah Nicole | Margaret Marie
    "Tally" | "Maisie"
    Magnificent and Masculine:
    Bohdie Mitchell | Jasper Allen
    "Bo" | "Jase"
    Guilty Girls
    Parker | Onyx
    Guilty Gents
    Boswell | Onyx | Sylvester

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    I have:
    Logan McKay
    Bentley Thomas

    I want:
    Arden Elizabeth

    Middle names are all family names.

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    Jan 2014
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), Expecting two little bundles of joy (1/15/16)

    Current top 10 favorites:
    Wesley, Samuel, Landon, Declan, Blaise, Elias, Liam, Dominic, Benjamin, & Tobias
    Piper, Lydia, Elena, Harper, Maisie, Cadence, Lyric, Faith, Aurora, & Amelia

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    My dream family would have a lot of kids both biological and adopted:

    DD: Lila Persephone
    DD/DS: Violet Evangeline and Leo Sebastian
    DS: August Laurence
    DD: Maeve Ottilie
    DS: Jasper Elias
    DD: Iris Magdalene
    DS: Nolan Shepherd
    DD: Eden Tatiana

    But my realistic family would look like this:
    DD: Lila Persephone
    DD/DS: Violet Evangline and Leo Sebastian
    DS: August Laurence
    DD: Eden Tatiana
    Abby • 16 • Dancer • Writer • Future Mom

    Aurora Delphine • Calista Fable • Elsa Adelaine • Iris Madelief
    Lila Seraphine • Lilja Reverie • Maeve Ottilie • Moira Calypso • Nola Xanthe
    Sabrina Harbor • Saela Vesper • Talia Emmeline • Violet Eilonwy

    Archer Murray • August Laurence • Caspian Ryder • Elias Maxwell
    Elliot Matthias • Fabian James • Flynn Alexander • Lachlan Sage • Leo Hadrian
    Matias Oliver • Nolan Shepherd • Seamus Wilder • Torin Sirius

    Happy Halloween!

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    Apr 2014
    Marina Genevieve Priya
    Theo Alexander Milun
    Anna Romilly Elora
    Luca Taran James
    Mari, Theo, Anna and Luca

    but more realistically it's just Mari and Theo
    name-obsessed teenberry


    marina genevieve priya and theo alexander milun
    british lover of all things downton abbey

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