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    Jan 2013
    West Midlands, UK
    W: Lucia Eden. H: Shane Lorcan. Birth#1: Sebastian Henry. Birth#2: Matilda Ruth and Imogen Kay. Birth#3: Atticus Brooks and Beckett Arthur. Birth#4: Miriam Minerva. Birth#5: Tobiah Jacob. Birth#6: Edmund John. Birth#7: Caroline Emma. Birth#8: Roberta Mary. ~~~ Luce (38) and Shane (40) with: Seb (16), Matty (14), Immy (14), Atticus (11), Becker (11), Mim (7), Tobiah (5), Edmund (3), Cally (2), and Bobby (nb).
    Current Loves: Tobias Henry and Sebastian Keith

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    Ft. Myers
    Me: Georgia Alice Foster (nee Campbell)
    DH: Ryan Patrick Foster

    Pregnancy 1: girl (Just became an odd number today haha)
    Aurora "Rory" Grace Foster

    Pregnancy 2: boy and girl (even though I'm not a fan of any of these names)
    Rhoda Pearl Foster
    Howard "Howie" Marvin Foster

    Pregnancy 3: twin boys
    Elliot "Eli" Russell Foster
    Dexter "Dex" Miles Foster

    Pregnancy 4: boy
    Wyatt Gabriel Foster

    Pregnancy 5: boy and girl
    Leo Thomas Foster
    Olivia Jane Foster

    Pregnancy 6: boy
    Charles "Charlie" William Foster

    Pregnancy 7: twin girls
    Emma Margaret Foster
    Matilda Elizabeth Foster

    Pregnancy 8: girl
    Lucy Rose Foster

    Georgia and Ryan Foster
    and our children;
    Rory, Rhoda, Howie, Eli, Dex, Wyatt, Leo, Olivia, Charlie, Emma, Matilda, and Lucy.

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    Feb 2012
    1. Alexa Jolie- Me
    2. Niall Conor- Hubby
    3. Amelia Charlotte "Mia Carlie"
    4. Josephine Matilda & Lucinda Maude "Josie & Lucie"
    5. Michaela Stephanie & Olivia Simone "Kaylie Steph & Libbie"
    6. Maisie Cassandra "Mai Cassie"
    7. Noah Luke (first boy- YAY)
    8. Augustus William "Gus Liam"
    9. Madeline Kate "Maddie Kate"
    10. Ava Kallie

    Niall & I with our kids: Mia Carlie (12), Josie & Lucie (10), Kaylie Steph & Libbie (7), Mai Cassie (6), Noah (4), Gus Liam (3), Maddie Kate (1) and Ava Kallie.

    (All girls have "ie" somewhere in their name and the boys have "L" starting as their middle name- either starting with it or a nickname)

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    Name: Nora Alice
    DH: Killian Shane

    Daughter 1: Lilian Isabella (n/n: Lily)

    Daughter 2: Minerva Adeline (n/n: Minnie)
    Daughter 3: Lavinia Imogen

    Daughter 4: Victoria Louise (n/n: Tori)
    Daughter 5: Georgia Nicole (n/n: Gia)

    Son 1: Lucas Sebastian (n/n: Luke)

    Son 2: Isaac Alexander
    Daughter 6: Theresa Grace (n/n: Tess)

    Son 3: Julian Christopher (n/n: Jules)
    Son 4: Vincent Zachary

    Daughter 7: Sophia Caroline
    Daughter 8: Philippa Cecily (n/n: Pippa)

    Daughter 9: Persephone Rose (n/n: Sephy)

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