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    DW: Cordelia Ivy
    DH: Liam Connor

    DS: Elias Maxwell
    DD/DD: Imogen Pearl and Augusta Maude
    DS/DS: Titus Knox and Jayce Milo
    DS: Asher Jude
    DS/DD: Nicholas Alexander and Irene Margaret
    DS/DS: Samuel Francis and Dean Michael (I couldn't possibly pass that opportunity up!)
    DD/DD: Sophia Anne and Matilda Joan
    DD: Colette Vivienne

    Delia and Liam have: Eli, Genny & Gussie, Titus & Jayce, Asher, Cole & Irene, Sam & Dean ( ), Sophie & Tilda, and Lettie.

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    Toronto, Canada
    Serena, Juliet, Susannah, Rosalie, Josephine, Aurelia, Viola, Faye, Dorothy, Cecilia, Audrey, Lucille, Georgia, Matilda, Ruby, Florence, Antoinette, Margaret & Vivienne

    Lincoln, Elliot, Atticus, George, Robert, Quincy, Harrison, Remington, Jethro, Emmett, Phineas, Roscoe, Louis, Reed, Henry, Jasper, Arthur, Linus, Hadrian & August

    Maple, Roslin, Reverie, Phaedra, Fable, Rogue, Providence, Astrid, Percival, Legend, Galatea, Serenity, Apollo, Eowyn, Anwen, Rhiannon, Magnus, Glory & Nova

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    1. My name is Eliza Juliet
    2. My husbands name is Sean Patrick
    3. Our first boy is Samuel Jude "Sam"
    4. Our boy/girl twins are named Pearl Joan & Donald Earl
    5. Our boy/boy twins are named Easton Reid & Liam Barrett
    6. Our 5th boys name is Landon Gabriel
    7. Our second set of boy/girl twins are named Matthew Thomas & Olivia Grace
    8. Our 7th boys name is Adrian Charles
    9. Our girl/girl twins are named Charlotte Elizabeth & Amelia Anne
    10. Our 5th daughter is named Emerson Grace

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