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    BIG Generation CAF with Initials :)

    MY GRANDPARENTS (90 & 88) GHJ & CLJ (C)
    -MY UNCLE (69) PRJ
    -MY UNCLE (67) CMJ
    -MY AUNT (64) DFT (J)
    -MY DAD (64) KAJ
    -MY AUNT (62) NEW (J)


    MY UNCLE & AUNT (69 & 68) PRJ & KKJ (N)

    ---HIS WIFE (40) TTJ (N)
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (18, 16, 12) CNJ, BKJ, MEJ

    ---HER HUSBAND (45) DCL
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (21, 17, 15) KPL, CFL, OJL


    MY UNCLE & AUNT (67 & 58) CMJ & IRJ (Y)

    ---HIS WIFE (35) VCJ (A)
    ----THEIR SON (14) KDJ

    ---HER EX HUSBAND (45) TKG
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (16 & 14) GBG & FNG
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (10, 5, 1) CAC, JTC, REC

    ---HER HUSBAND (31) ASF
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (9 & 6) JJF, LUF





    MY DAD & MOM (64 & 60) KAJ & SWJ (B)

    --MY BROTHER (38) GGJ
    ----MY NIECE (14) QJJ
    ----MY NIECE & NEPHEW (11 & 7) TNJ, XHJ

    --ME (36) ZBD (J)
    ---MY HUSBAND (36) NCD
    ----OUR CHILDREN (14, 10, 6) BBD, CID, WFD

    --MY SISTER (34) MTJ
    ----MY NEW NEPHEW (4m) SVJ


    MY AUNT & UNCLE (62 & 69) NEW (J) & RNW
    ---HER HUSBAND (44) PCI
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (17, 13, 8) CCI, KVI, MXI

    ---HIS WIFE (33) TNBW (R)
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (12, 7/7, 5, 2) GFWW, ITZW, PRBW, CAEW, LSYW


    ---HER HUSBAND (32) RTA
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (5 & 3) AVA & AYA

    --MY MALE COUSIN (29)
    ---HIS EX-WIFE (31) PBZ
    ----THEIR SON (5) NTZ
    ---HIS CURRENT WIFE (21) CCW (M)
    ----THEIR BABY GIRL (2m) LVW
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    We finally got the whole family together on my dad’s side – everyone was there – for my grandpa’s 90th birthday.
    At the head table was my grandpa Garvey Harlan Jacobs & grandma Celeste Louellen Jacobs (Cowry). All 5 of their children were present with their families at various tables - which includes my uncle Preston Rowe Jacobs, my uncle Calson Mitcham Jacobs, my aunt Dierdre Faye Tipton (Jacobs), my dad Kilgore Abram Jacobs, and my aunt Norine Eva Wilson (Jacobs)
    [Garvey & Celeste plus Preston, Cal, Didi, Kilgore, and Nori]

    Preston Rowe is 69. His wife is Kathleen Kimberly Jacobs (Newman) and she is 68. Together they had two children named Harlan Isaac Jacobs & Francine Ellen Logan (Jacobs)
    [Preston & Kathy plus Harley & Frankie]

    Harlan Isaac, who is 46, is married to Tristessa Taylor Jacobs (Neuhaus) and they have three teenagers named Colt Neuhaus Jacobs, Brogan Kimball Jacobs, and Melody Ellen Jacobs
    [Harley & Triss plus Colt, Brogan, and MJ]

    Francine Ellen who is 44 and married to Dr. Duncan Conroy Logan, has three children ranging from 21 to 15 and they’re Kirklan Preston Logan, Caylin Fallon Logan, and Owen Jaden Logan. They also have a granddaughter! Kirklan & his girlfriend (not present) have a daughter named Noella Astrid Logan
    [Frankie & Duncan plus Kirk, Caylie, and Owen. Kirk plus Noella]


    Calson Mitcham Jacobs is 67 and married to 58 year old Ivory Rose Jacobs (Young). They have three children named Burke Radnor Jacobs, Ophilie Dessen Carlisle (Jacobs), and Eulalie Calson Fletcher (Jacobs)
    [Cal & Ivory plus Burke, Ophi, and Lala]

    Burke Radnor is 37 and married to the lovely Vivienne Cambry Jacobs (Argo) and they have a son named Kelvin Dean Jacobs who is 14.
    [Burke & Viv plus Kel]

    Ophilie Dessen is 34. She was once married to 45 year old Tucker Kenneth Grimm for a time. He is not present but their children together – 16 year old Gretchen Bailey Grimm and 14 year old Finley Nigel Grimm – are here. Ophi’s husband now is Silas Finnegan Carlisle. The two of them have three children – 10 year old Cadence Ava, 5 year old Jasper Teague, and 1 year old Rowan Eisley.
    [Ophi & Tucker plus Gretchen & Finn] [Ophi & Silas plus Cadie, Jasper, and Rowan]

    Eulalie Calson is 30 and married to Adler Shane Fletcher. They have two girls – 9 and 6 – named Jolie Jane and Lydia Uma
    [Lala & Adler plus Jolie & Lydie]

    Dierdre Faye (my dad’s twin) is 64 and married to 64 year old Violet Rain Jacobs (Tipton). The two adopted a daughter named Leighton Lei Jacobs Tipton and she is soon to marry her boyfriend Gobi Zirieski Einven
    [Didi & Vi plus Leighton - & Gobi]
    My dad Kilgore Abram is 64 and married to my mom Shenandoah Winter Jacobs (Berns). They have three children – my brother Glenn Gabriel, me Zadie Belle Davenport (Jacobs), and my sister Moira Thalia Jacobs.

    My brother Glenn is 38 and was once married to Whitney Esmerelda Leibold. They have my niece Quincee June who is 14. He has since married my sister-in-law Audrianna Blair Jacobs (Quimby) and they have my niece Tinley Nicole and my nephew Xenas Hale
    [Glenn & Whitney plus Quincee] [Glenn & Audri plus Tinley & Xenas]

    I’m 36 and married to my husband Noble Caspian Davenport. We have three children. Brecken Bender is 14, Caspian Ivo is 10, and little Wren Fatima is 6.

    [Zadie & Noble plus Breck, Cas, and Wren]

    My sister Moira is 34 and, with her boyfriend Aschel Corr Percy, has just had my new nephew who is 4 months named Sebastien Viktor Jacobs.
    [Moira & Aschel plus Bastien]


    Norine is 62 and married to my uncle Ropert Norris Wilson. The two of them have 5 kids – Olive Emory, Orson Everett, Brynne Lacey, Bekka Lynne, and Orion Elijah.
    [Nori & Ropert plus Liv, Orson, Brynne, Bekki, and Ry]
    Olive Emory is 40 and married to her husband Parker Calvin Ibsen. The two have three children including Calvin Casey who is 17, Kimber Veda who is 13, and Maddigan Xia who is 8.
    [Liv & Parker plus Cal, Kimmy, and Maddi]

    Orson Everett is 36 and married to the lovely Tisha Naomi Bridget Wilson (Reid). They have 5 kids. Griffin Fargo Weston Wilson is 12, the twins – Ivy Therese Zia and Paisley Rae Bristol are 7, Chloe Adrienne Eden is 5, and Levi Seamus Yardley is 2.
    [Orson & Tish plus Griff, Ivy, Paisley, Chloe, and Levi]

    Brynne Lacey is 33 and lives with her girlfriend Sienna Grace Nealy who is 24. Sienna has a son named Grady Milo Zeke Nealy who’s 7.
    [Brynne & Sienna plus Grady]

    Bekka is also 33 and married to Richland Trace Abner. The two have a 5 year old son named August Vaughn and a 3 year old daughter named Ainsley Yasmin
    [Bekki & Rich plus Gus & Ainsley]

    Ry is 29. His ex wife Paz Brianna Zumi is 31. They have a son named Nelson Travis. Ry is now remarried to 21 year old Cecilia Candace (Marion) the two of them just had a little girl named Lisette Vesta.
    [Ry & Paz plus Nelson] [Ry & CC plus Liz]
    TTC #1

    Ladies: Ivy Eloise / Avianna (Avi) Lavender / Olive Glory / Oakley Frost / Tatum Hazel / Zadie Brave / Aria Luxe / Winter Willow

    Gents: Jude Eisley / Broderick (Brock) Huxley / Auden Moseley / Bauer Hawthorne / Callister Gene / Bowen Castiel / Finnian (Finn) Joseph / Bronson Navarro

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    GRANDPARENTS (90 & 88) Gavin Henry Johnson & Cecilia Lola Johnson (MN: Crossman)
    -UNCLE (69) Preston Roman Johnson
    -UNCLE (67) Cole Maxwell Johnson
    -AUNT (64) Dorothy Faye Talbot (MN: Johnson)
    -DAD (64) Kendrick Abel Johnson
    -AUNT (62) Noelle Evelyn Wilson (MN: Johnson)
    UNCLE & AUNT (69 & 68) Preston Roman Johnson & Kimberly Kyla Johnson (MN: Neville)

    --DS (46) Hendrix Ivan Johnson
    ---DW (40) Tallulah Tabitha Johnson (MN: Neal)
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (18, 16, 12) Cassius Neil Johnson, Bodhi Kavanagh Johnson, Matilda Eden Johnson

    --DD (44) Freya Emerson Lincoln (MN: Johnson)
    ---DH(45) Duncan Clyde Lincoln
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (21, 17, 15) Koa Phoenix Lincoln, Coral Fiona Lincoln, Ophelia Journey Lincoln
    -----KPL’S GF: Rayna Jade Anderson
    -----THEIR DAUGHTER (1) Nove Abilene Lincoln
    UNCLE & AUNT (67 & 58) Cole Maxwell Johnson & Iris Rosalie Johnson (MN: Yves)

    --DS (37) Brady River Johnson
    ---DW (35) Vivienne Claire Johnson (MN: Allen)
    ----DS (14) Knox Damon Johnson

    --DD (34) Olivia Daphne Crawford (MN: Johnson)
    ---EX DH (45) Tristan Kyle Grant
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (16 & 14) Gage Byron Grant & Ford Noel Grant
    ---DH (36) Stefan Frederick Cruz
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (10, 5, 1) Callum Andre Cruz, Javier Talon Cruz, Rafael Everett Cruz

    --DD (30) Everly Cora Fox (MN: Johnson)
    ---DH (31) Axel Salvatore Fox
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (9 & 6) Julianna Jayne Fox, Lucy Ursula Fox
    AUNTS (BOTH 64) Dorothy Faye Taylor (MN: Johnson) AND Vada Rose Johnson (MN: Taylor)

    --ADD (31) Leilani Lynn Johnson-Taylor
    ---BF Grayson Zane Evans
    DAD & MOM (64 & 60) Kendrick Abel Johnson & Sloane Wynona Johnson (MN: Brown)

    --DS (38) Gregory George Johnson
    ---EX DW Wilma Eleanor Lowes
    ----DD (14) Quinn Jaimie Johnson
    ---DW (33) Adelaide Briar Johnson (MN: Quaid)
    ----DD & DS (11 & 7) Teagan Noelle Johnson, Xavier Hudson Johnson

    --ME (36) Zara Blake Davis (MN: Johnson)
    ---DH (36) Niklaus Camden Davis
    ----OUR CHILDREN (14, 10, 6) Bruno Beckett Davis, Creed Ian Davis, Waverly Fianna Davis

    --DD (34) Maisie Tessa Johnson
    ---BF (36) Ace Christopher Peters
    ----DS (4m) Silas Vance Johnson
    AUNT & UNCLE (62 & 69) Noelle Evelyn Wilson (J) & River Nolan Wilson

    --DD (40) Olive Elora Iverson (MN: Wilson)
    ---DH (44) Phoenix Clay Iverson
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (17, 13, 8) Coral Chelsea Iverson, Kalani Valentine Iverson, Maverick Xander Iverson

    --DS (36) Otto Emmett Wilson
    ---HIS WIFE (33) Tiffany Nina Bailey Wilson (MN: Rich)
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (12, 7/7, 5, 2) Gemma Faye Willa Wilson, Isla Tegan Zola Wilson, Penelope Rae Beatrix Wilson, Camden Abel Ever Wilson, Lyric Sage Yael Wilson

    --DD (33) Bay Lucille Wilson
    ---GF (24) Seraphina Glory Nelson
    ----GF DS (7) Gunner Myles Zackery Nelson

    --DD (33) Belle Layla Adams (Wilson)
    ---DH (32) Romeo Taj Adams
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (5 & 3) Aberdeen Valentina Adams & Avery Yvette Adams

    --DS (29) Dylan Wilder Wilson
    ---EX DW (31) Pamela Brittany Zimmerman
    ----DS (5) Nash Theodore Zimmerman
    ---DW (21) Cerys Clara Wilson (M)
    ----DD (2m) Liv Veronica Wilson

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    British Columbia
    MY GRANDPARENTS (90 & 88) George Harold Jonas & Clara Lillian Jonas (Crombie)
    -MY UNCLE (69) Paul Ronald Jonas
    -MY UNCLE (67) Charles Martin Jonas
    -MY AUNT (64) Diana Felicity Thomas (Jonas)
    -MY DAD (64) Kenneth Andrew Jonas
    -MY AUNT (62) Norah Eleanor Winfield (Jonas)


    MY UNCLE & AUNT (69 & 68) Paul Ronald Jonas & KKJ (N)

    --MY MALE COUSIN (46) Holden Ivor Jonas
    ---HIS WIFE (40) Tatiana Tamsin Jonas (Nolan)
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (18, 16, 12) Clementine Norah Jonas, Beatrice Katherine Jonas, Margaret Esther Jonas

    --MY FEMALE COUSIN (44) Fiona Ellery Long (Jonas)
    ---HER HUSBAND (45) Declan Calvin Long
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (21, 17, 15) Keiran Patrick Long, Clara Felicity Long, Owen Jacob Long
    -----KPL’S GIRLFRIEND (22) Ashley Hannah Jeffries
    -----THEIR DAUGHTER (1) Nico Amadea Long


    MY UNCLE & AUNT (67 & 58) Charles Martin Jonas & Ilsa Rowena Jonas (Yet)

    --MY MALE COUSIN (37) Benjamin Ronald Jonas
    ---HIS WIFE (35) Victoria Clemence Jonas (Andreas)
    ----THEIR SON (14) Kellan Dunstan Jonas

    --MY FEMALE COUSIN (34) Olivia Daphne C (Jonas)
    ---HER EX HUSBAND (45) Thomas Kane Galbraith
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (16 & 14) Gabriel Baxter Galbraith & Frederick Nolan Galbraith
    ---HER CURRENT HUSBAND (36) Simon Fox Carrodus
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (10, 5, 1) Cecily Antonia Carrodus, Juliet Theodora Carrodus, Rowena Eloise Carrodus

    --MY FEMALE COUSIN (30) Ellen Clara Franz (Jonas)
    ---HER HUSBAND (31) Andrew Simon Franz
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (9 & 6) Jack Jason Franz, Lucy Ursula Franz


    MY AUNTS (BOTH 64) Diana Felicity Thomas (Jonas) AND Violet Rose Jonas (Thomas)

    --MY ADOPTIVE FEMALE COUSIN (31) Leona Lily Jane Thomas
    ---HER BOYFRIEND Garrett Zane Eng


    MY DAD & MOM (64 & 60) Kenneth Andrew Jonas & Silvia Winifred Jonas (Boothby)

    --MY BROTHER (38) Graham George Jonas
    ---HIS EX-WIFE Willa Elleanor Lewis
    ----MY NIECE (14) Quinn Jessamy Jonas
    ---MY CURRENT SISTER IN LAW (33) Andrea Beth Jonas (Quince)
    ----MY NIECE & NEPHEW (11 & 7) Tamsin Noella Jonas, Xander Hadrian Jonas

    --ME (36) Zoe Beatrice Doell (J)
    ---MY HUSBAND (36) Nicholas Calvin Doell
    ----OUR CHILDREN (14, 10, 6) Baxter Brennan Doell, Chester Isaac Doell, William Frederick Doell

    --MY SISTER (34) Melanie Tabitha Jonas
    ---HER BOYFRIEND (36) Aanthony Cianan Pitt
    ----MY NEW NEPHEW (4m) Sylvester Valentin Jonas


    MY AUNT & UNCLE (62 & 69) Norah Eleanor Winfield (Jonas) & Robert Nicholas Winfield
    --MY FEMALE COUSIN (40) Oona Estelle Iver (Winfield)
    ---HER HUSBAND (44) Patrick Callum Iver
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (17, 13, 8) Conrad Cillian Iver, Kiernan Victor Iver, Marta Xanthe Iver

    --MY MALE COUSIN (36) Owen Elliott Winfield
    ---HIS WIFE (33) Tina Nicole Brianne Winfield (Ryerson)
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (12, 7/7, 5, 2) Grace Frances Willa Winfield, Ivy Thea Zadie Winfield, Peter Roland Bennett Winfield, Cora Auden Ella Winfield, Louis Simon Yorick Winfield

    --MY FEMALE COUSIN (33) Bria Leonie Winfield
    ---HER GIRLFRIEND (24) Shannon Gianna Nam
    ----HER GIRLFRIEND'S SON (7) Gray Micah Zane Nam

    --MY FEMALE COUSIN (33) Blair Lydia Adams (Winfield)
    ---HER HUSBAND (32) Reed Timothy Adams
    ----THEIR CHILDREN (5 & 3) Audrey Violet Adams & Abigail Yarrow Adams

    --MY MALE COUSIN (29) Levi Robert Winfield
    ---HIS EX-WIFE (31) Penelope Briony Zhao
    ----THEIR SON (5) Nate Thomas Zhao
    ---HIS CURRENT WIFE (21) Caitlyn Cambry Winfield (Matthews)
    ----THEIR BABY GIRL (2m) Lila Vivian Winfield
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    United Kingdom
    George Harold Jefferson (90)
    Clara Louise Campbell Jefferson (88)

    Patrick Robert Jefferson (69)
    Charles Michael Jefferson "Charlie" (67)
    Deborah Fiona Jefferson (64)
    Kevin Andrew Jefferson (64)
    Nancy Elizabeth Jefferson (62)


    Patrick Robert Jefferson (69)
    Kimberly Karen Nyman Jefferson (68)

    --Henry Ivan Jefferson "Hank" (46)
    ---Tara Tiffany Nicholls Jefferson (40)
    ----Courtney Nicole Jefferson (18), Brandon Kenneth Jefferson (16), Marissa Eve Jefferson (12)

    --Farrah Emily Jefferson Levinson (44)
    ---David Carl Levinson (45)
    ----Kameron Paul Levinson (21), Carter Franklin Levinson (17), Olivia Jaime Levinson (15)
    -----Alyssa Leigh Havers (22)
    -----Nia Alyssa Levinson (1)


    Charles Michael Jefferson "Charlie" (67)
    Irene Rebecca Yaxley Jefferson (58)

    --Bryce Richard Jefferson (37)
    ---Victoria Claire Adams Jefferson (35)
    ----Kai Dashiell Jefferson (14)

    --Odette Daniella Jefferson Granger Cole (34)
    ---Trevor Kenny Granger (45)
    ----Gavin Blake Granger (16), Faith Natalia Granger (14)
    ---Samuel Frederick Cole (36)
    ----Coralie Ann Cole (10), Jefferson Trey Cole (5), Ruby Eleanor Cole (1)

    --Emmeline Cara Jefferson Frost "Emmy" (30)
    ---Asher Seth Frost (31)
    ----Jackson Jett Frost "JJ" (9), Louie Uriah Frost (6)


    Deborah Fiona Jefferson-Travis (64)
    Veronica Ruth Jefferson-Travis "Ronnie" (64)

    --Lauren Louise Jefferson-Travis (31)
    ---Geoffrey Zeke Ellis (34)


    Kevin Andrew Jefferson (64)
    Sarah Wilhelmina Bailey Jefferson (60)

    --Gregory Glenn Jefferson "Greg" (38)
    ---Willa Erin Lewis Jefferson (41)
    ----Quinn Josie Jefferson (14)
    ---Abigail Brynn Quentin Jefferson "Abi" (33)
    ----Talia Nadine Jefferson (11), Xander Hugo Jefferson (7)

    --Zoe Brooke Jefferson Davenport (36)
    ---Nicholas Christian Davenport "Nick" (36)
    ----Benedict Bryson Davenport "Ben" (14), Camille Isabella Davenport "Millie" (10), Winston Francis Davenport (6)

    --Michelle Taryn Jefferson (34)
    ---Anthony Christopher Portland (36)
    ----Silas Vaughn Jefferson (4m)


    Nancy Elizabeth Jefferson Walters (62)
    Ronald Nigel Walters (69)

    --Olive Erica Walters Ingram (40)
    ---Philip Clay Ingram (44)
    ----Chelsea Candace Ingram (17), Kyle Vincent Ingram (13), Marcus Xavier Ingram (8)

    --Owen Elliott Walters (36)
    ---Taylor Natasha Belle Royce Walters (33)
    ----Georgia Francesca Wren Walters (12), Imogen Taylor Zoe Walters (7), Paige Ramona Briar Walters (7), Chance Arthur Eamon Walters (5), Landry Stefan Yates Walters (2)

    --Bridget Lorraine Walters-Nell (33)
    ---Saskia Grace Walter-Nell (24)
    ----Gideon Marshall Zachary Nell (7)

    --Blythe Laura Walters Alden (33)
    ---River Troy Alden (32)
    ----Adelaide Violet Alden (5), Arlo Yannick Alden (3)

    --Isaac Ryan Walters (29)
    ---Paula Brittany Zeus Walters (31)
    ----Nathaniel Tucker Walters "Nate" (5)
    ---Carlie Christina Michaelson Walters (21)
    ----Leonie Vivian Walters (2m)
    20 year old name lover from England

    Current Favourites

    James, Ezra, Theodore, Edward, Jude, Gabriel, Owen, Arthur, Miles, Nathaniel
    Eden, Adelaide, Matilda, Phoebe, Lydia, Ruby, Scarlett, Emilia, Madeleine

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