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    May 2013
    1. I was born in November (11; odd)
    My Name is Eden Belle

    2. I am not wearing a watch
    My hubby's name is Sean Killian

    3. (In Real Life) I am 14.
    Our son's name is Arthur Emmett

    4. I have brown hair
    Our girls are named Imogen Hazel and Iris Blanche

    5. My hair is in a ponytail
    We name our second set of twins Philippa Simone and Josephine Nicole

    6. I am not watching TV. I am on Nameberry
    Our son is named Blake Miles

    7. I am in my livingroom
    We name our son Simeon Josiah

    8. I have never seen "Supernatural"
    We have another boy named Victor "Vic" Stephen

    9. I have never read Twilight. I have seen one of the movies. I don't think I like or dislike it, either way. i don't "Love" it, so, dislike, I suppose.
    We name our girls Adela Joan and Augusta Beatrice

    10. I liked this game ^)
    Our last baby, a boy, is named George Louis

    Eden & Sean
    Arthur, Imogen, Iris, Philippa, Josephine, Blake, Simeon, Vic, Adela, Agusta, George

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    Dec 2013
    DW: Siran Grace (40)
    DH: Liam Shane(42)

    DS: Micah Jasper(20)
    DD/DD: Adelia Fay "Delia"/Antonia Helen "Toni"(18)
    DD/DD: Francesca Louise"Frankie"/Justine Nicole(15)
    DD: Maren Sabina(14)
    DS: Cain Isaac(12)
    DS: Edward John(10)
    DD: Eleanor Rose "Ellie-Rose"(6)
    DS: Judd Alexander(2)

    Siran & Liam
    Micah, Delia, Toni, Frankie, Justine, Maren, Cain, Edward, Ellie-Rose, and Judd

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    Sep 2013
    DW: Aurora Juliet. "Rory" [35]
    DH: Cian Patrick. [38]

    DS: Tristan Nathaniel. [12]
    DD/DD: Iris Imogen & Olive Adeline. [10]
    DS/DS: Weston Elliot & Damon Arthur. [8]
    DD: Marietta Daphne. [6]
    DS: Elijah Matthew. [4]
    DS: Frederick Anthony. [3]
    DD: Helena Ruby. [8 Months]

    "Rory & Cian + Tristan, Iris, Olive, West, Damon, Etta, Elijah, Freddie & Helena"

    - Sara Viviene -
    ~ Teen Name Geek ~ Book Lover ~ Proud Aunty Of Jessica Marley ~ Film Nerd ~
    Girls: ~ Helena Ruby ~ Caroline Ivy ~ Bonnie Imogen ~ Rose Adeline ~ Violet Isobel ~ Ariana Fleur ~ Amelia Wren ~ Ivy Elowen~ Iris Emmeline ~
    Boys: ~ Gabriel Isaac ~ Frederick Anthony ~ Elijah Dominic ~ Caspar Nathaniel ~ Schuyler Marcus~ Sebastian Henry ~ Tristan Pierce ~ Samuel Avery ~
    GP: ~ Calvert ~ Harper ~ Damon ~ Niklaus ~ Cassius + Aubrey ~ Ophelia ~ Lux ~ Quinn ~ Adelina ~

    Vote On My Namelist!

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    Julia Catherine

    lifelong name nerd~future mother

    Mary|Catherine {Cat/Catlin}|Rose
    Eulalia, Louise, Anna, Jane, Fern, Aoife, Charlotte, Hope, Grace

    Joseph {Joe/Joey}|Francis {Frankie}|Alexander {Sasha}
    Nathan, David, Luke, Robert, Samuel, Daniel, James, August, Eliot, Erik, Paul, Leon, Felix

    long | lists

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    Jan 2014
    polina ∙ 19 ∙ art history major ∙ web developer
    french/russian/swedish ∙ living in st. petersburg, russia


    in the silence of your bones and eyes
    forgotten magic sits and waits for fire

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