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    Foley Alabama

    Fave Girl Names? Aria, Ava, Avery, Blue, Blythe, Cyan, Emberlynn, Emery, Evelyn, Evening, Gemma, Grace, Haven, Honor, Iris, Ivory, Juliana, Lacey, Laila, Lana, Leilani, Lia, Liliana, Lucilla, Mary, May, Mia, May, Paisley, Rose, Saige, Snow, Storm, Susannah, True, and Waverly.

    Fave Boy names? Ace, Atticus, Axel, Bentley, Braylen, Cain, Carter, Cedar, Cliff, Cyan, Dakota, Emmerson, Emmett, Everett, Ezra, Jax, Jaxon, Jethro, Kai, Levi, Liam, Lucas, Parker, Riley, Samson, and West.

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    1. If your birthday is in an even month, your name comes from:
    Name: Ivy Beatrice

    2. If you are wearing a watch, DH's name comes from:
    DH's name: Felix Augustus

    3. If your age is an even number, you have a boy. First and middle names come from:
    Name: Phineas Rupert

    4. If your hair is brown, you have G/G twins. First and middle names come from:
    Names: Matilda Frances & Clara Josephine

    5. If you are wearing you hair down, you have B/B twins. First and middle names come from:
    Names: Liam Harrison & Theodore Arthur

    6. If you are watching TV right now, you have a girl. First name comes from: Middle name comes from:
    Name: Miriam Daphne

    7. If you are in a bedroom of your house, you have B/G twins. First and middle names come from:
    Names: George William & Jane Katherine

    8. If you like or LOVE Supernatural, you have B/B twins. First and middle names come from: (you can also use Dean if you want )
    Names: Frederick Dean & Vincent Nathaniel

    9. If you do not like Twilight, you have G/G twins. First and middle names come from:
    Names: Agatha Anne & Helen Louisa

    10. If you liked this game, you have a singleton of your choice. Name is your favorite name.
    Name: Genevieve Audrey
    Expecting #1 November 2015

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    My name: Serena Juliet
    [even month]

    DH’s name: Felix Marius
    [wearing a watch]

    DS: Emmett Julian
    [even age]

    DD/DD: Harriet Vera & Matilda Iris
    [brown hair]

    DD/DD: Patricia Danielle & Victoria Charlotte
    [hair up]

    DS: Landon Asher
    [not watching TV]

    DS/DD: William Andrew & Katherine Anne
    [in the bedroom]

    DS: Jasper Adrian
    [don’t like supernatural]

    G/G: Amelia Eleanor & Caroline Adelaide
    [don’t like Twilight]

    DS: Joey Carter
    [liked the game]

    Serena & Felix
    Emmett, Hattie, Tildy, Tricia, Vicky, Landon, William, Kat, Jasper, Amelia, Cara & Joey
    17 year old girl in year 12 (: I write when I can so I'm always on the lookout for new names. JT is my life <3

    Girls: Melody, Briar, Arabella, Tempest, Zoey, London, Zara, Peyton, Sadie, Rani, Liora, Jordan
    Boys: Jackson, Rixon, Seamus, Jai, Claude, Carter, Asher, Rhys, Rian (prn Ree-an), Levi, Leo, Joey, Harper, Damien, Sebastian, Jasper

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    Me: Nora Alice
    Husband: Niall Killian

    S: Sebastian Jude
    S/D: Harold "Harry" Earl / Myrtle Joan
    S/S: Nico Atticus / Asher Matteo
    S: Ezra Gabriel
    S: Enoch Tobiah
    S: Augustus "Auggie" Charles
    D/D: Clementina Caroline / Margaret "Maggie" Maud
    D: Harriet Elizabeth

    Nora and Niall, with Sebastian, Harry, Myrtle, Nico, Asher, Ezra, Enoch, Auggie, Clementina, Maggie and Harriet

    Why do I always have so many boys in these games!?!

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