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    I adore Lucy Penelope! I think it goes splendidly with your DDs' names!
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    I love Lucy Penelope. Both names are in my top 10, and I think choosing a name that your daughter helped pick is a really good idea (:
    Primrose Lucinda Amelia Clara
    William Jack Hugo Edmund

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    ♥ Pelle ♥ Viggo ♥ Joar ♥ Ingo ♥ Tore ♥

    among others

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    Lucy Penelope is very sweet!

    I think it's a great idea to let your daughters suggest names. When I was six, my mother let me pick my 2nd brothers' mn (Tyler back in '87). I was so proud and was instantly in love with him, and I think a lot of that had to do with being able to help choose his name.

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    It's gorgeous Alice has both a lovely name and great naming style! My younger sister was born when I was four - I cried for a week because my parent's didn't name her 'Fizz'. If only I'd been into names then...
    wildly adored for future darlings;

    Amias Jack ''Ami'' / Baez George / Emmet Nicholas / Leander Hugh / Rufus Eoghan / Wilfred Alec ''Wolf'' / Virgil Caspian

    Annabel Briar / Billie Estella / Eilidh Agnes / Fenella Sunday ''Nell'' / Margaret Eulalia ''Mae'' / Maude Evangeline / Rosemary Oona ''Romy'' / Clemency Iseabail

    much love and i are waiting for you!
    (olivia, eighteen, england)

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