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Thread: Newly pregnant

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    Nausea after taking multivitamins is usually caused by not taking them with a meal or not eating enough when you take them. Try taking them at breakfast or lunch, and make sure that you eat something like bread or pasta or some other type of carb. I've always found that if I don't eat some type of carbohydrate with my vitamins, I get unbelievably sick. I avoid taking them with my evening meal, because they always seem to give me a burst of energy right before bedtime so I end up not sleeping.

    Obviously, morning sickness can really complicate things and make it tough to actually eat enough at a meal to take your vitamins. I find that cereal, toast, buttered pasta and oatmeal are my best bets - they're bland, but substantial enough to keep my vitamin from making me nauseous.

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    I could hardly keep anything down the whole 9 my nurse midwife had me stop taking them in hopes that I could keep down the other nutrition. It helped a bit...I still have a perfectly normal, healthy little boy (who is 15 months now). I don't think prenatal vitamins are as big a deal as people make them out to be.
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    I took Flintstones too cuz everything else made me sick

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    I agree with emmyk12 - several midwives say they are hardly necessary with a healthy diet. I personally would not switch to Flintstones as that is just a shot of straight sugar, and 90% of multivitamins like that goes right through you into your urine! As several other posters have said, night time might be your best bet. I have done Nature's Made with all of mine and have no nausea, yet I always take them in the morning with breakfast so there is food in my tummy! Good luck and congrats!

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    I was taking some gummy prenatals from Babies R Us for several weeks, but after a while I felt to nauseous and sick to take anything. I haven't really taken them since the beginning of my pregnancy and everything is perfectly fine with my pregnancy so far.

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