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    Hello frenchie

    Adelaide is a gorgeous name
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    Ooh sorry it took so long for me to join in again! Really loving a lot of these suggestions. In fact, out of each of your posts, at least one of the names is on our list!

    Etak_llaw - Mazarine was *almost* named Persephone nn Pepper, but we took one look at her and thought, nope! She's definitely a Mazarine. So I still love Persephone, though DH prefers Penelope nn Pepper. I have also considered Cordelia nn Coco, and Magnolia nn Moxie is tied for first on our list at the moment I love Araminta, but to me it has the same feel as Mazarine.

    Kyemsma - Oh how I adore Gwendolen! I also like it with a y, Gwendolyn. The name I have lined up to use this is Adelaide Gwendolyn Grey and calling her Dolly, but Mazarine and Dolly? What do you think?? They just seem on polar opposites of the style spectrum to me. Dolly seems like she needs a sis named Dixie, not Mazarine, but maybe I am putting too much thought into that...? Oh and our son is named Manton West, but we call him West.

    Cressida - Clementine nn Cleo is one of my faves! Clementine Ottilie Adelaide was a contender for Mazarine as well, and still holds strong. DH is not as fond of Clementine as I am though, but I know if it ends up being IT, he would come around.

    Viv - Ok how in the heck do you have time to post with twin girls that are like point 2 seconds old?! Loving your input. Thank you. Hollis is one of my favorites, but I have always felt it doesn't fit with Mazarine. Interesting and happy to hear you do! And Bronte - what a strong name. I never would have even thought of this, but it really sticks with me. My only concern is that perhaps it sounds too harsh next to Mazarine?

    Rollo - hello!! Iris I just adore, though does it sound too dated? For some reason I equate it with names like Maude... am I nuts?

    I feel like at this point I do have to consider what a third daughter might be, if this one does turn out to be a girl. My concern is that Persephone, for example, is TOO out there. A name like Penelope would go well with another girl named Mathilde, for example. I also don't want to get too hung up on the perfect nickname and must LOVE the full name, as Mazarine really goes by Mazarine 98% of the time, with a Maz thrown in every once in a while. Though maybe if a second daughter rolls around, we will often refer to them together and use shorter names... something to ponder for sure!

    So before I posted this thread, my favorites were:
    Lavender Lillian Adelaide nn Lux
    Magnolia Adelaide Margaret nn Moxie

    Now tossing around:
    Penelope nn Pepper - I am not as fond of Penelope so she would only go by Pepper from day 1 if we used this. Silly with Mazarine?? Penelope Adelaide Bloom?
    Cordelia nn Coco - though DH calls Coco a stripper name and I think it's precious. So there would have to be some discussions on that one
    Cordelia Adelaide Darling?
    Clementine Ottilie Adelaide nn Cleo - bit of a tongue twister?
    Adelaide Gwendolyn Grey nn Dolly (I think though...would I like to have the name Dolly? I don't think so...)
    Hollis - what flows with this? Hollis Lillian Adelaide? Too many double L's? I feel like DH will say this sounds like a boy name and nix it immediately, unfortunately.

    Really liking Lavender, Magnolia, Clementine and Penelope, though sad Penelope is in the top 200 now...

    Thank you for all the input! Look forward to hearing your thoughts on these now
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    Have you noticed that Lavender and Magnolia are gorgeous flowers and Clementine is an orange. Is a nature theme emerging?

    Did you know that the Irish name Macushla means darling. I have only known one girl with this name her nn was Cush.

    Cordelia Adelaide Macushla

    Ottilie Genevieve Margaret/Margot nn of Teal for Ottilie and seeing as Mazarine is a blue too you have another theme happening.

    Clementine Lilith Adelaide I also like Clementina

    Gwendolyn Grey is lovely, combo Gwendolyn Margaret Grey. I remember it well from last time with nn of Win/Winnie I seem to finding combos that suit Margaret more.

    I like Adelaide in fn spot eg Adelaide Persephone Frances, Adelaide Persephone Grey

    rollo (have a good day!)

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    Magnolia Margaret Adelaide
    Lavender Sylvie Wren
    Scarlett Daisy Clementine (sorry couldn't get the mn's you like in this combo)

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    Oh Rollo such lovely suggestions from top to bottom!! Scarlett Daisy Clementine is GORGEOUS. How light and fun! Once we use all of our "required" names I will have to put this at the top.

    Do you prefer Magnolia Adelaide Margaret or Magnolia Margaret Adelaide??

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