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Thread: Cambria "Cami"

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    I love it! <3 And Cami is a nice nickname that isn't heard very often.
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    I met one Cambria a few years ago. She was about 6 months old. I love the name! And Cami is a cute, not overly popular nn, too!!

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    Thanks guys! I like it a lot too. Very cute option. Any thoughts on different spellings?
    Cambria or maybe Cambry, Cambree, or Cambrie. Or maybe even Camille or Camilla's can be little "Cami" too!
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    I really don't care for it. It sounds like the name of some kind of wine cooler or something. I do like the name could still use Cami for a nickname. I think it sounds a little more grown up.

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    I would prefer Cambria or Cambrie which is the French spelling of Cambria. IMO Cambry and Cambree are a misspelling of this place name and I'm not sure why Nameberry has it listed as a modern invented name.
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