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    Rename your Family with Nymbler!

    It's pretty simple. Go to Nymbler - Your Personal Baby Name Assistant and type in the first and middle name of all your family members and pick your favorites from the options. As an example, i show how my family will turn out:

    Dad Real Name: Lars Henry Renamed: Jack Oliver
    Mum Real Name: Ingrid Maria Renamed: Elizabeth Mary
    Big Brother Real Name: Stefan Andreas Renamed: Noah Tomas
    Me Real Name: Sofia Maria Renamed: Astrid Danae ( I actually LOVE this one)
    Little sister Real Name: Alexandra Kristina Renamed: Vanessa Karina

    Have fun!
    University student. Cat lover. Proud name nerd.

    Lovely Girls
    Iris Margareta*Ramona Juliet*Elena Ruby*Penelope Doris*Charlotte Mary*Rebecca Louise*Margot Alice*
    Audrey Elizabeth*Miriam Elise*Lucy Violet*Florence Marie*Matilda Jane*Edith Annabel*Ophelia Eve*Stella June

    Handsome Boys
    James Henry*William August*Owen Frederick*Caleb James*Isaiah Paul*Sebastian Charles*Louis Andrew*
    Gabriel Matthew*Arthur David*Samuel Evan*Alexander John*Thomas Emilio*Felix Johan*Benjamin George*

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    My dad: Robert Leonard - renamed: Charles Florian
    My step-mum: Jane (no middle) - renamed: Jeanne
    My brother: Oliver John O'Neil - renamed: Curtis Nathanial Ezra

    My mum: Pamina Jane - renamed: Judith Ruth
    My step-dad: Andrew Keith - renamed: Owen Patrick
    My sister: Kimberleigh Jane - renamed: Sally Marcia
    My sister: Samantha Katherine - renamed: Nina Elizabeth

    Me: Hannah Margaret - renamed: Elisa Victoria
    My boyfriend: Graeme Keith - renamed: Bryan Gregor

    (I just used the first names that appeared, makes it more random)
    Name loving BritBerry

    Little ladies: Penrose Luna, Indigo Temperance, Ophelia Rue, Celeste Isabella, Isla Victoria Grey, Posey Matilda Jane
    Little gents: Prosper William, Mackenzie Jude, Dax Tobias, Raphael Noah, Emerson Ivo, Caleb Graeme

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    Dad's Real Name: Kenneth Joseph Renamed: Samuel Reid
    Mom's Real Name: Cheryl Lynn Renamed: Elizabeth Jean
    Big Brother's Real Name: Cameron James Renamed: Noah Benjamin
    My Real Name: Kathryn Janice Renamed: Charlotte Olivia

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    New names:

    Dad: Peter William
    Mom: Abigail 'Abby' Lucy
    Bro: Lucas 'Luke' Henry
    Bro: Jack Samuel
    Me: Ella Charlotte
    Sis: Emily Kathryn

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    Dad's real name: Benjamin Bruce
    Mum's real name: Helen Anne
    My name: Jessamy Anne
    My sister: Lydia Mandy


    Oliver Simon
    Jane Barbara

    Juliet Elise
    Lila Clare
    Emona M. B.
    An introverted die-hard books fan.

    Rosalind Indie~Lavender Elodie~Celia Sunflower

    Quentin Peace~Atlas Holden~Ezra Ocean

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