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    Your Name: Kate Elaine Waldorf (Katie)
    Husband's Name: Alan David Waldorf
    1st Daughter: Lyla Mercedes Waldorf
    1st Son: Jack Casey Waldorf (Twin)
    2nd Son: Eli Boone Waldorf (Twin)
    3rd Son: Edgar Hale Waldorf (Eddy, triplet)
    2nd Daughter: Wilhelmina Inez Waldorf (Mina, triplet)
    3rd Daughter: Hildegarde Opal Waldorf (Hilda, triplet)
    4th Son: Finnian Banning Waldorf (Finn, Quad)
    4th Daughter: Aubrey Blake Waldorf (Bree, Quad)
    5th Daughter: Alva Linnet Waldorf (Ali, Quad)
    6th Daughter: Elvira Gwynn Waldorf (Vira, Quad)
    7th Daughter: Alabama Bristol Waldorf (Quint)
    8th Daughter: Dominica Ireland Waldorf (Quint)
    9th Daughter: Indiana Lourdes Waldorf (Indi, Quint)
    10th Daughter: Sahara Roma Waldorf (Quint)
    11th Daughter: Colombia Odessa Waldorf (Collie, Quint)
    12th Daughter: Kinley Alice Waldorf (Sextuplet)
    13th Daughter: Kennedy Josephine Waldorf (Kenna, Sextuplet)
    14th Daughter: Khloe Rhiannon Waldorf (Sextuplet)
    15th Daughter: Keira Athena Waldorf (Sextuplet)
    16th Daughter: Kelsey Ophelia Waldorf (Sextuplet)
    17th Daughter: Kendall Lorelei Waldorf (Kendzie, Sextuplet)
    5th Son: Atticus Xavier Waldorf (Septuplet)
    6th Son: Felix Dax Waldorf (Septuplet)
    7th Son: Jasper Lennox Waldorf (Septuplet)
    8th Son: Josiah Xander Waldorf (Septuplet)
    9th Son: Amos Axel Waldorf (Septuplet)
    10th Son: Judah Hendrix Waldorf (Jude, Septuplet)
    11th Son: Tobias Knox Waldorf (Toby, Septuplet)

    Lyla, Jack, Eli, Eddy, Mina, Hilda, Finn, Bree, Ali, Vira, Alabama, Dominica, Indi, Sahara, Collie, Kinley, Kenna, Khloe, Keira, Kelsey, Kendzie, Atticus, Felix, Jasper, Josiah, Amos, Jude & Toby
    June 13th, 2015
    💞 the day I married the love of my life 💞

    || Arabela || Behara || Elif || Ejlem || Melećhana || Sumaja || Zehra ||
    || Amran || Elham || Hakan || Ilijas || Ibrahim || Naser ||

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