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Thread: Nervous??!

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    One more thing - just remind yourself that pain isn't a concern when going all natural. You are doing that because you feel it is best for you and the baby, to avoid unnecessary drugs (pitocin or whatnot) and intervention, or whatever your reasons are. So if the pain is not an issue if you have it or not, I think you will mentally be in a better place when starting labor and giving birth. Know that our bodies are MEANT to give birth. You can do it. Just tell yourself: This is best for my baby so I don't care if it hurts!

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    Your concerns are normal. As excited/ready as I was to be a mom, I remember freaking out some during my pregnancy, wondering how I was ever going to be a good mom because I had never even been around babies for any length of time before. Fast foward to now and I have a healthy, happy, beautiful, well-taken-care-of 13 month old girl. Trust me, your indescribable love for your child will guide you in the right direction. As for the natural birth, that was my plan and I felt strongly about it, but unfortunately it didn't work out that way as I had to have a semi-emergency c-section (baby was breach at 40 weeks). I do recommend that you look into hypno-birthing. It seems to be a wonderful pain management tool and I hope to be able to put it to use with my next child. Your body was designed for the beautiful miracle of birth and you can do it!



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